Membership Classifications



How To Apply


  1. Consult the application requirements to ensure you meet them

  2. Check the terms and conditions of membership

  3. Complete the online application form

  4. Ensure you sign and send all of your supporting documents along with a copy of your insurances to member@cedia.org. Alternatively, you can post them to our UK Office in St. Neots.


Prefer to download the application forms?


1. Please click the relevant member type above to download your form

2. Complete the Code of Ethics and Trade Reference forms

Once complete please email all forms with a copy of your insurances to member@cedia.org or post them to our UK Office in St. Neots. If you prefer to send by fax please send to +44 (0)1480 213469


For further information on CEDIA membership please contact member@cedia.org or phone +44 (0)1480 213744.

Please note: Your application will only be processed once all forms have been completed correctly and returned to CEDIA. Once approved, you will be invoiced for your annual membership fees, and your membership will only be activated once payment has been received by CEDIA. Please note all UK companies are subject to VAT. Please note that we cannot guarantee that application forms will be processed within specific timescales.