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:: Why Choose CEDIA?


  • can find reputable and insured design and installation contractors through CEDIA
  • CEDIA promotes professionalism and honourable business practices in custom installation

Custom installers

  • gain recognition as a professional resource by consumers, builders, architects, interior designers etc
  • obtain continuing education in both technical and business skills through CEDIA education conferences and training
  • access to data, publications and other materials that can enhance business practices and marketing services
  • open line of communication to manufacturers, industry officials and colleagues to address challenges and exchange information
  • CEDIA encourages certification which gives installers an industry benchmark by which to measure themselves against


  • equipment which is specified, installed and serviced by CEDIA members will satisfy customers, lead to enthusiastic referrals and help the industry grow
  • CEDIA provides manufacturers with feedback that will help them create products that perform more efficiently, are easier to install and satisfy changing customer demands

Architects/Specifier & Developers

  • Continuing Professional Development training course to educate architects, specifiers and developers on the benefits of custom installation and the advantages of working with a CEDIA member to ensure that the homeowner gets the most from their living environment

To view the tangible benefits on offer to CEDIA Members please click here.

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Why Choose CEDIA?


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