Rack Building and Wiring Fundamentals

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Date: Sep 22, 2017

Location: CEDIA Training Centre, St Neots

This course will provide clear, structural methodology for rack building from planning through to future servicing. Incorporating best practices, the importance of wiring choices and standardisations which can be applied to projects of all sizes.
Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding into the different types of racks and how to apply the correct knowledge for overcoming issues with equipment placement, wiring, connectivity and rack build as a whole.

Topics covered include:

  • Rack elevations, kit spacing and ventilation. (best practices for loading and kit spacing including ventilation of racks)
  • Cable tray, rear rack strip and lacing bars
  • Tails, rear panels and hardwiring
  • Cable and signal paths
  • Service loops and cable lay
  • Cable ties - tightness, flush cut, spacing and flow
  • Lacing pre-made cables

The class will aim to bring all students to the level required to pass the scientific elements of the ESC-T exam.

Spaces Available: 11

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:202.80 GBP

Cost:286.80 GBP

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