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Date: Nov 20, 2017 - Nov 24, 2017

Location: CEDIA HQ, St Neots

New to the industry? Acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to get started in the residential electronic systems industry with ESC Residential Boot Camp. This comprehensive five-day session is delivered by CEDIA Certified Instructors and includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training.

CEDIA professionals can began their careers in ESC Residential Boot Camp and then use the skills learned to build a foundation for a successful career as a technician, designer, or even business owner. As a business owner, this is the ideal first course for a new employee, that will teach them what they need to know to be a useful member of the installation team on day one. The course will also teach the engineering and technical foundations necessary for an individual to go on to CEDIAŹ¼s five day technical school and then the ESC-T certification examination.

Spaces Available: 12

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:894.00 GBP

Cost:1,198.80 GBP

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