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Date: Dec 05, 2017 - Dec 07, 2017

Location: AWE, Epsom

TCP/IP has become the dominant communications and media transmission protocol for the home technology industry. It is essential to understand both the theory and practice of IP in order to design and implement reliably.

To meet these demands, CEDIA has created a suite of IP networking courses leading to our ESC-N certification.

Incorporating a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on workshop sessions, the courses will introduce, explain and provide you with vital experience required, with a range of networking projects.

This training track will enable attendees to implement TCP/IP connected hardware in many of the situations encountered in the residential environment.

The course is split into three days as follows:

Day 1Residential Networking
Day 2 Wireless Residential Networking
Day 3Advanced Residential Networking

Who should attend this course?

The course is ideal for junior and senior technicians looking to improve their networking skills.

Recommended Readings

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Please note: The ESC-N Certification Exam is not included in the base price.

Spaces Available: 12

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:582.00 GBP

Cost:822.00 GBP

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