Introduction to CAD Design

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Date: Oct 11, 2017

Location: CEDIA HQ, St Neots

Start: 9:30

Course trainer: Phill Poston 

This one-day course has been designed to give a basic understanding of many of the essential AutoCAD drawing commands & skills necessary to use Computer Aided Design software in your business. 

During the course we will configure the free trial version of the AutoCAD software on your laptop and explain the background on some of the most widely used features as well as drawing a room from a survey sketch and adding a basic AV layout. Turning this into a basic 3D model and printing it off in Adobe Acrobat 'PDF' format. 

This course will give students a good grasp of the AutoCAD software and how it can simply be applied to AV install projects. Full course notes are provided and can be retained by students for future reference and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers before, during and after the course. 

Course Agenda: 

  • Introduction to CEDIA and course agenda 
  • Introduction to CAD: The concept, what we use it for 
  • How it works: Lines, arcs and circles, layers and limits 
  • Layers: How the layers should be used 
  • Survey: Draw-up the survey plan - walls, windows and doors 
  • WBlocks: Symbol libraries and setting out 
  • 3D Models. x, y and z points in space
  • Printing: It's no good if we can't send it to the client 
  • Q&A / wrap up 

Attendance Requirements: 

Familiarity of PC and Windows is essential but no other specific knowledge is required, however any understanding of Custom Installation would be beneficial. 

Computer Requirements: 

Please bring your laptop computer with you and at least a 2-button mouse with centre scroll wheel. Computers should have at least 2GB of RAM, ideally 4GB. Please have AutoCAD installed on your laptop computer prior to arriving for the training. Trial versions (active for 30 days) can be installed on your laptops from the Autodesk website. This course will work on all versions of AutoCAD from AutoCAD2000 or later.

Spaces Available: 10

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:202.80 GBP

Cost:286.80 GBP

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