Home Cinema Design Workshop

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Date: Sep 20, 2017

Location: AWE, Epsom

This course delivers a thorough insight into designing cinemas using standards based engineering calculations. The course teaches the use of world-recognised standards when designing cinema rooms. It dispels myths and removes subjective guesswork.

The day is spent working in groups to design a real-world cinema from a real client brief. Knowledge gained in the Advanced Home Cinema Design course will be used throughout. Each group is required to deliver a full home cinema design including design calculations, plans, bill of materials and costings. Designs will then be reviewed and validated by the wider group.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to apply proper engineering standards to home cinema design. They will understand the appropriate standards to used and be able to prove their designs with calculation.

Course Includes:

  • Understanding and interpreting client requirements and plan drawings
  • Creating and fine-tuning a design based on client requirements and best practices
  • Proving a design with calculations
  • Making intelligent decisions in difficult rooms
  • Creating standard quotation documents

Spaces Available: 10

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