Home Cinema Design Package

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Date: Dec 05, 2017 - Dec 06, 2017

Location: Pulse Cinemas, Stansted

The Home Cinema Designer Package is the ideal primer for developing designers and experienced installers to explore the audio, video and home cinema theory in detail and understand the industry standards to produce real designs with maximum performance.

The course is split into two days as follows:

Day 1 - Home Cinema for Designers

Exploring the principals involved in high-performance design, and the science and calculations required to create a complete design for both audio and video, attendees will understand the full scope of a high performance cinema design.

Topics covered include:

Understanding the engineering principles of home cinema design
Exploration and understanding of the CEA/CEDIA recommended practices for home cinema design
Common calculations for audio in home cinema
Common calculations for video in home cinema
Consideration of other factors (HVAC, lighting, seating, safety etc.)

Day 2 - Home Cinema Design Workshop

Following day one attendees will encompass the entire design process, examine the industry standards and insight into designing home cinemas, and how to implement the industry standards engineering calculations, rather than subjective guesswork.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding and interpreting client requirements and plan drawings
  • Creating and fine-tuning a design based on client requirements and best practices
  • Proving a design with calculations
  • Making intelligent decisions in difficult rooms
  • Creating standard quotation documents

Spaces Available: 12

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:360.00 GBP

Cost:510.00 GBP

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