ESC-N Certification Exam

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Date: Oct 27, 2017

Location: CEDIA Training Centre, St Neots

Virtually all technologies in the home are becoming part of the home network. In order to provide network systems that meet the increasing speed and reliability requirements, the Home Technology Professional of today, and tomorrow must be able to design, install, configure, and maintain a high quality, complex network. CEDIA's Networking School seek to raise the standard for home networks across the industry.

CEDIA’s ESC-N certification exam will identify industry professionals who have proven they possess the knowledge needed to successfully implement a robust network in the home.The certification exam will recognise an individual who has the mastered the fundamentals, as defined by CEDIA, of designing, installing, and configuring a network in the home.

What do I need to know?

The body of knowledge consists of four domains:

  • Network infrastructure, including testing, and troubleshooting
  • Network configuration
  • Wireless networking technologies, infrastructure, and design
  • Network design practices including VPN, VLAN, and QoS implementation

It is recommended that industry professionals pass the CEDIA ESC-T certification before sitting for the ESC-N certification exam, to ensure a broad knowledge of infrastructure and subsystems. 

Please click here to view CEDIA Networking School's full curriculum.

Spaces Available: 12

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:300.00 GBP

Cost:450.00 GBP

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