THX Video Calibration Levels 1, 2 & 3

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Date: Aug 24, 2017 - Aug 27, 2017

Location: Surat, India

Course Trainer: Gregg Loewen, THX

THX Video Calibration training is open to all industry professionals and enthusiasts who want to learn the art of video calibration and become THX certified calibration experts.

Day 1: THX Certified Video Calibration I
This one-day introductory course is designed for those looking to join the ranks of professional calibrators. The course also serves as a prerequisite for THX Video Calibration II, which is required before you are able to perform THX Certified Video Calibrations.

Candidates who successfully complete the coursework and score at least 85 percent on the THX exam will achieve the title of “THX Certified Professional.” They will also be listed on the THX directory of Certified Professionals, among other marketing support materials.

Course curriculum includes:
- History of TV Technology
- Why We Calibrate
- What Makes a “Good Image”
- Signal Path and Optimization Strategies
- Calibration Process
- Contrast Ratios and Screen Uniformity
- Geometry & Convergence
- Contrast and Brightness
- Introduction to Grayscale/White Balance
- Color, Tint and Color Decoding
- Sharpness and Enhancement Controls
- Introduction to 3D Color Management

Day 2 & 3: THX Certified Video Calibration II 
This more advanced course is the industry’s most hands-on training available for video calibration professionals today. This course is geared to advanced students who have already completed THX Video Calibration I or an equivalent calibration course recognised by THX. With two full days of hands-on laboratory instruction, candidates will gain an in-depth understanding of video calibration techniques using a variety of video testing and calibration instruments.

To achieve the title of “THX Certified Professional Calibrator” candidates are required to successfully finish the course, pass the exam and complete a number of calibrations under the supervision of THX instructors. They can then begin generating revenue by offering THX Certified Calibrations to customers. THX Certified Professional Calibrators also gain access to a private forum and other THX marketing and online services.

Course curriculum includes:
- Calibration Process and Integration of Signal Generators
- Advanced Grayscale and Gamma
- Software and Hardware Choices
- Competing Display Technologies
- Scaling Technologies
- Processing Issues; Progressive/Interlace
- De-interlacing with Examples from HD and DVD Benchmark Discs
- Environmental Issues
- Color Science and Color Standards
- Day & Night Modes
- Calibrating to Black & White Films
- 3D Color Management Systems – Color Standards and Science
- 4K - What, how and why it is the future
- 3D Imaging - Applications, trends and calibration
- The Business of Calibration – Customer Management

Day 4 - Lavel 3 (HDR Hands On by Lion AV)

Using the latest tools on the newest HDR displays and projectors you will be learn specific HDR calibration techniques. This is a stand alone class and can be taken independently of the THX Video Level 1 and 2 Classes. This is currently a Lion AV class offering. Please note if you have not completed THX Video Levels 1 & 2, you will not receive certification for Level 3.

This course will cover:

  • Overview of Calibration and current best practice
  • 4K (UHD) implications
  • HDR implications
  • New technology and future challenges
  • Hands on training on the latest flat panels and projectors focusing on UHD, DCI and Rec 2020 Color Spaces, EOTF gamma manipulation, application of HDR to projectors. 

This course is suitable for:

  • Colorists and editors
  • Digital Imaging Specialists & Supervisors
  • Production / Post Production personnel including Broadcast engineers
  • Manufacturers and manufacturer representatives
  • Independent Calibrators and enthusiasts
  • AV Installers and Integrators
  • Contractors and Technology Consultants
  • Buyers for installation and integration companies

PLEASE NOTE: Students must take Level I before they can sit Level II so it is advised that interested parties take all three days.

The full location of the venue is: Sound Sense, 206-207 International Business Center, Gaurav Path Road, Piplod, Surat, 395007

For questions please contact Gregg Loewen at THX Ltd: gloewen@thx.com

Spaces Available: 12

Booking options:
(CEDIA members only)

Cost:1,689.00 GBP

Cost:1,875.00 GBP

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