CEDIA Certification Exam: ESC-T / ESC-N / ESC-D

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Date: Dec 08, 2017

Location: Mumbai, India

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The ESC-T Certification is for individuals who are well versed in all rough-in and trim-out tasks as well as retrofit installation, component installation and troubleshooting. This certification covers the technical expertise that forms the foundation of the residential systems industry.

The ESC-D Certification is for an individual who communicates with clients as well as design and installation professionals. This person selects the appropriate products and materials to be used in integrated residential systems, including alarm, telephone, data, audio, video, home theater, HVAC, and lighting control.

The ESC-N Certification is for an individual who has mastery of designing, installing and configuring a network in the home. 

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Spaces Available: 15

Booking options:
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Cost:150.00 GBP

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Cost:300.00 GBP

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