CEDIA Membership Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who do I contact if I have a question about CEDIA and my membership?

A. Our Membership staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of your CEDIA Membership, and how to gain the maximum benefit. You can contact Alex Brownhill on +44 (0)1480 213744 or via email membership@cedia.co.uk


Q. Where can I find my username & password if I’ve forgotten them?

A. Click on the 'Log in' link at the top of the website. In the grey log in box on the page click on 'forgotten your details'. This will then prompt you to enter your email address, and your username & password will be emailed to you.


Q. How can I change my username/password?

A. To change your username please contact the CEDIA office on +44 (0)1480 213744 or email membership@cedia.co.uk

To change your password please follow the steps below:
1.Visit the CEDIA Member log in page and enter your user ID & password, then click 'sign in'.
2. This will bring up a new screen. Click on 'My CEDIA' and then 'Update User Profile' 
3. At the top of the Personal Information box there is link to change password. Click the link and follow the instructions on screen. 


Q. How do I find out what my Company ID (Member) number is?

A. You need to contact the CEDIA office on +44 (0)1480 213744. A member of CEDIA staff will be able to advise you. Alternatively you can request by email info@cedia.co.uk


Q. How do I update my company/employee details on the CEDIA website?

A. Only the person set up with company administrator rights can make these changes. If you are unsure who is set up as company administrator for your business or, if you are unsure of your log in details please contact Alex Brownhill on +44 (0)1480 213744 or via email – membership@cedia.co.uk

1. Log on to the CEDIA Member log in page
2. Enter your user ID & password, and click 'sign in'.
3. This will bring up a new screen. Hover over the ‘Manage My Group’ tab and select ‘Update Company Profile’ from the drop down menu.
4. From here click on the 'edit' link to the right of the page and make any changes to the details as necessary.
5. If you hover back over the 'Manage My Group' and 'Update Company Profile' tab and drop down menu you will see a further menu appear to the side of 'Update Company Profile'. Here you will see options to add more employees to your company, edit their details and view the current employees listed. 


Q. What is the difference between Certification and Membership?

A. To become CEDIA Certified, an individual must undertake and pass a CEDIA Certification Exam (EST2, Designer Level 1 or Home Cinema Design Specialist). To become a CEDIA member, a company needs to complete the online application form which is then submitted to the CEDIA office for approval.


Q. What are CEU points?

A. CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are points that are awarded to CEDIA training courses, and certain Trade Supplier courses. Each Certified individual must obtain 30 CEUs over a 3 year period to maintain their Certified status – and contact education@cedia.co.uk once the 30 points are attained and logged (see below) to request renewal of your certification.


Q. How do I obtain CEU points?

A. CEU points are obtained when you attend CEDIA courses, and certain Trade Supplier courses. To view upcoming CEU Accredited Trade Supplier Training please go to http://www.cediaeducation.com/events/ceu-events


Q. How are CEU points updated?

A. It is your responsibility to upload your own CEU points to your Certification Profile. Please visit the Manage CEU Points area on the CEDIA website. Members and non-members are able to do this. If you have a login as a CEDIA member please use this. If not, please ‘Register as a non-CEDIA member’ by completing the form.
Enter your username & password and click ‘login’
You then have the option to select the courses you have attended from the drop-down list.
If you cannot see the course listed, please email education@cedia.co.uk


Q. I’ve employed someone who is CEDIA Certified. How do I transfer their Certification to my company?

A. You need to contact the CEDIA office on +44 (0)1480 213744. A member of CEDIA staff will be able to do this for you.


Q. Who can use the CEDIA logo?

A. Only full CEDIA member companies may display the CEDIA logo. This includes the CEDIA founder member logo, if you are no longer a member you are not permitted to use the logo. 


Q. Where can I find the CEDIA logo?

A. CEDIA members can request logos by emailing info@cedia.co.uk. If you need specific format for the logo for example jpeg, gif, tiff, eps. please let us know in your email.


Q. Are there any specific rules on how the CEDIA logo must be displayed?

A. Yes, please contact info@cedia.co.uk for a copy of the CEDIA logo guidelines. 


Q. What do I do if an employee leaves?

A. Please see answer to above question How do I update my company/employee details on the CEDIA website? for instructions.


Q. How do I update my online profile?

A. Please download and complete CEDIA's Finder Service Data Document and send back to membership@cedia.co.uk.


Should you have any further questions regarding membership, please call: +44 (0) 1480 213744 or email membership@cedia.co.uk.