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When Desert Sound was approached to create a cinema room that had to be contemporary, yet not too modern, there were several key considerations that needed to be taken into account.




The client wanted the equipment to be displayed and was very specific in wanting low lighting in the room to discourage any work-related activity, reserving the space for relaxation only.




The Atmos speakers which were installed in the ceiling were connected to two Quad Platinum Stereo amplifiers (180W/channel). The front and centre speakers were matched with McIntosh MC601 mono amplifiers providing 600W RMS each. The electrical load calculations were also taken into consideration and a power conditioner (Shunyata Research Hydra V2) was added to the mix. The power conditioner supported all the power amplifiers, the Oppo BD103, and the pre-processor (Marantz AV8802A). The rest of the equipment was plugged into a PDU offering surge protection and conditioning (Supra MKIII).




Desert Sound designed the equipment rack to be made from Burmese Teak wood instead of a standard metal rack for effective and efficient passive heat removal.




The client wanted an experience which felt powerful enough to keep him engaged. Two floor standing lamps (provided by the client) were installed at the back of the room which weren’t enough. LED strips were fixed in the recesses of the wooden segments which continued from the walls to the ceiling. To overcome the lighting challenge, four Minar Halogen Light Engine HA 75 (each supporting at least 350 – 400 strands of fibreoptic lighting) were installed with the tips covered with fibreoptic cables sighted through the walls and the ceiling. This formed a “starlight” effect, creating a surreal ambiance.The projector installed was Sony EU VPL-VW500ES, which offered 1800 Lumens and was specially calibrated to display crisp and sharp images with realistic colours — vivid but not too over the top.




The client was more inclined towards a stellar musical system, while his children wanted a ground shaking home theatre. The team ran the initial calculations using the room measurements and various materials, with the absorption coefficients in a web-based SPL design engine. Desert Sound installed Focal Stella Utopia EM front speakers, Focal Viva Utopia central channel speakers, Focal in-wall IW1002BE rear surround speakers, Focal SR1000BE side surrounds, Focal in-wall IW1003BE speakers, and Paradigm Sub2s.



Hafsa Mirza

23rd Oct 2018