10 Minutes With Jon Peterman: 3 Vital Steps to growing Your Business

CEDIA are proud to announce Jon Peterman will be presenting two courses at ISE 2016.

As an ICON business advisor, Jon has a vast amount of experience in providing professional advice to large businesses within the UK, including the home technology industry.

While working on a ‘business health check’ for CEDIA members, Jon was able to provide valuable advice to many on how to increase their growth and development; ‘I was asked to put forward a proposal to generate a business health check for CEDIA members.  In doing so, I got to spend time with a number of CEDIA members running various types of businesses both as installers and suppliers.  Having set up the health check, I have begun working as a professional business advisor to home technology businesses.’

Taking a twist on the typical techy courses at ISE, Jon’s course ‘3 Vital Steps To Growing Your Business’ featuring at this year’s ISE promises to reveal the key steps required to succeed in this increasingly crowded industry; ‘The course will encourage business owners and senior managers to take a step back from the day to day activity, and focus on ensuring they have a strong structure within their business to deliver consistent growth and strong financial performance.  Attendees will look at the interaction of the three key elements of time, team and money and how by making some small changes and creating a well-managed team, a business can achieve sustainable performance and growth.’

With the saturation of ‘smart home’ technology set to rise from 11% today to 27% by 2020, staying ahead of the crowed is necessary to stay relevant.

Jon’s two courses featuring at ISE 2016 will equip attendees with the ‘business brain’ to stay competitive; ‘The key challenges for home technology companies are employing and maintaining a well-motivated competent team. The team need to work together to deliver a high quality service that meets the industry and clients standards.  This must be carried out based on a financial model that will deliver appropriate profit level, and is in itself effectively managed.  You may be surprised that my key challenge was not gaining business, because I believe if you get the other things I have highlighted correct the reputation that your business will gain without a significant struggle.

As a new comer to ISE, we had to ask ‘what are you most looking forward to at ISE 2016?’; ‘Although familiar with the industry as an “outsider” it will be great to see the latest trends and gadgets that the future holds for home technology.’

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