2015 CEDIA award winner and home technology industry professional, Sawan Nichani will be presenting at ISE 2016.

Winning CEDIA’s Best Home Cinema (over £100,000) category in 2015 and founder of Indian based MacBee, Sawan has demonstrated just how to envision a space to create the ultimate owner experience, and the industry have definitely taken notice of his creative and technical ability; ‘I was a music producer and recording engineer before I started integrating systems for recording studios. Soon I started getting calls from some very high end home owners who were facing issues with their electronics. My experience of ten years in sound really helped me with an in depth understanding on how systems work, and the subtleties of integration. I was able to diversify into custom integration, and now MacBee business is focused on bringing the best bespoke technology solutions for our customers.’

New to CEDIA’s Board of Directors for 2016, Sawan has been a key figure in the industry in promoting career progression and advancing training for others. With his debut course, ‘What Is the Future of Video?’ featuring at ISE and already a hit with attendees, we wanted to know, what can you expect from his course? ‘This course is to get attendees up to date in the video world as there is a lot happening on the video side of things in the industry currently; video technologies are improving dramatically. This course will sum up all that is available, and all that is possible with the current standards and what will dominate the new market place. Armed with information about high performance hardware and software, the course will explore the future world of video.

Sawan’s entry, The Red Carpet Cinema won at CEDIA’s prestigious awards show in 2015 for its commercial-worthy, high quality home cinema. With CEDIA’s award show for 2016 now open for entries, Sawan told CEDIA what it meant for him, and his company to win at CEDIA’s 2016 awards; ‘It was a tremendous honour to be recognised and rewarded by CEDIA. This award is very personal to me as it's a recognition that I am on the right path; that following my heart does work, that doing what I love and what I am passionate about works. Professionally it means I can connect with more people on a larger scale, help more people, create positive change on a bigger scale and grow, and to know that I have been rewarded by those in the business truly means the world to me and is very humbling.’

With ISE only eight days away, we had to find out… ‘What are you most looking forward to at ISE 2016?’; ‘I am excited for this year’s ISE conference, as it’s a great platform that facilitates new innovations in technology. The variety of technology sessions and seminars offered by CEDIA provide attendees with great insights and learning opportunities.’

To book onto Sawan Nichani course, please visit www.iseurope.org/cedia-education