What is Ultra High Definition and Why Does it Matter? (Consumer Only)

The term “high definition” is a now-ubiquitous phrase which took the consumer electronics world by storm in the late ‘90s and early ‘2000s when the digital transition began and televisions moved away from analog and towards digital. These days, a new term is emerging: “Ultra High Definition” or “Ultra HD.” But for many home viewers who have only recently adopted HDTV and grown accustomed to the superior picture quality, the features and advantages of Ultra HD might still be a mystery.
To begin with, this paper will first address the terminology associated with this technology. There have been many terms used and can cause some confusion even for the technology enthusiast. Terms such as “ultra high definition,” “UHD,” “UHDTV” and “4K” are all flooding the market. CEA recently determined that “Ultra HD” should be the term used by the industry when referring to 4K and 8K resolution and will be used in this white paper.