This beautiful residential development was designed and built for a family of four. The owner contacted Smartcomm to kit out the newly built home with the latest technology. The client had a control system in place in their previous home, and was keen to install a full automation system that would more than exceed the capabilities of the previous. As part of the install, Smartcomm had to look at interfacing the AV systems with several third party installations such as water feature control, gate control, Intercoms, window treatments (blinds & curtains control) and HVAC.


The brains of the property is housed within the Crestron system. A sizeable collection of Crestron touch panels and wireless remote controls have been installed throughout the property to enable control of the lighting, audio and video to each room, including the MTX-3 handheld wireless touch panels with 2.8” colour LCD touch screens and some attractive TPMC-6X with a 5.7” colour LCD touch screens for the smaller rooms.

A series of in-wall TPS-6L colour touch panels are also situated throughout the property and finally Crestron TPS-6X touch panels have been installed in the drawing room & master bedroom, delivering simple to use, effective control.

The main control comes from a Crestron V-12 12” HD widescreen touch panel in the kitchen, a powerful 15” V-15 touch panel in the dressing room and a sleek TPMC-9 Tilt touch panel with a high contrast 9” display in the study, all allowing access to controlled elements for every room. These three panels provide effective energy saving for the home, by enabling users to instantly disable the lighting, audio, video and AC in any room of the house, when they know the space is not currently occupied.

Smartcomm have also equipped two Apple iPads with the Crestron app, enabling the user to control various functions conveniently from anywhere in the house.


To deliver superb lighting throughout the home, Smartcomm have installed the Crestron Intelligent Lighting System. The Entrance Hall is home to a TPS-6L which has the convenient settings for “Welcome Home” which enables all lighting that has been pre-determined by the client for the setting. This provides the client with a ‘one touch’ convenience when they arrive home. Similarly, the touch panel is also programmed with a “Goodbye” setting that then disables all lighting as they leave.

For the lesser used rooms, such as the guest washroom and coatroom, subtle Crestron motion sensors have been fitted so the lighting is enabled upon entry, avoiding unnecessary energy usage when the room is not occupied.

Blind Control

For the ultimate luxury in the master bedroom and drawing room, both the drop blinds and exquisite curtains are controlled by a Crestron touch panel, so the stunning surrounding landscape can be revealed at the press of a button.

Security & Entry System

The front panel is wall-mounted, and secured without visible evidence of fixings for a clean finish. The panel contains a wide angled lens camera with day/night switch over, coded keypad, microphone & speaker and a stainless steel call button.
Door entry is run through the Crestron system, allowing the client to use any of the touch panels to communicate with visitors and open the gate. The video image appears automatically when someone rings the bell which can in turn be run through the in-ceiling speaker system.

Video & Audio

Smartcomm have used Crestron’s Digital Media switcher to distribute all of the HD content around the property which keeps all audio and video at its highest quality.

The Games Room

A 50” LG TV takes pride of place in this room. When enabled, a Crestron-controlled bracket hinges the screen away from the wall to face the seating area, and then slides back into place neatly out the way. Using the Crestron wall-mounted keypad, you can even determine what angle you would like the display to face, so you never have to worry about glare. The same TV bracket has been installed in the kitchen, again providing Crestron-controlled screen positioning. Both TVs also contain a built in 3D conversion, so simply with a press of a button on the Crestron touch panel, the TV switches instantly from 2D to 3D vision, regardless of the channel you are watching.

The Gym

With state-of-the-art fitness equipment kitted out in the gym, it seemed only appropriate to combine it with a high-tech control system. A Crestron TPS-6L touch panel controls the lighting, air con and the 50” LG 3D-ready screen.

The Snug

The Snug is the family’s home cinema, and no cinema room is complete without an impressive screen! A Panasonic 85” plasma TV is the focal point in the room, with a rare multi-region Sony Blueray player beneath it. A sleek transportable 5.7” Crestron TPS-6X wireless touch panel controls all aspects of the home cinema system, for the viewer's convenience.

The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is home to an impressive collection of wine and champagne, including a unique underground area to keep the extra special bottles cool. The room temperature is controlled via Crestron, and the lighting is enabled with a touch of the Crestron Lighting keypad in the room. The keypad also controls access to the underground cellar.
The audio for each room can be independently controlled via the Crestron TPS-6L touch panel mounted in the games room, so music does not play in unused rooms.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is the epitome of luxury and a demonstration of how one simple touch panel really can control all that you need. The crisp white blinds, accompanied by lavish drape curtains are again Crestron-controlled, allowing natural light into the room without you having to move from your spot.

The deluxe control extends to the room’s hidden television; by simply pressing the stylish Crestron TPS-6X, an LG 42” 3D display appears from behind a panel in the ceiling and is lowered to face the bed.

Leading on from the master bedroom, is a dressing area beautifully lit by a line of spotlights, enabled by the Crestron V-15 touch panel that can be found here. It is one of three Crestron wall-mounted touch panels that allow the user access to control of the entire property, including individual room audio/lighting/HAAC settings. The touch panel is also connected to each of the security cameras on the estate, including door entry, so the client can view any visitors before allowing entry to the beautifully opulent en suite.

The touch panel is also connected to each of the security cameras on the estate, including door entry, so the client can view any visitors before allowing entry to the beautifully opulent en suite.

The Observatory

Once final plan for the home will be a Crestron system that connects with the client’s telescope, so that when it is enabled, the telescope sends its captured images to a laptop, and he can build a digital library of constellations viewed. It will even be controlled from touch panels in other rooms, including the resident iPads, providing the luxury of gazing at the stars from the comfort of the family’s living room.

This is only the second project in the world that will use Crestron technology integrated with a telescope, and the client is thrilled with the superior technology at his fingertips.


As with any install, the Smartcomm team faced some challenges throughout the project, but worked to resolve them accordingly:

1) Control Water Feature - The property is surrounded by a water feature that consists of three layers, each flowing into the level below it, with various lighting spots.

Smartcomm programmed the Crestron system to take control of the water feature and fountains, including the lighting, which allows the client to control the feature by a number of touch panels and remotes, creating an impressive garden feature.

2) Gates and Garage Automatic Controls - The property is in the heart of the countryside, and the owner was keen that precautions be taken to ensure that passers-by cannot simply look in or trespass on their land.

Smartcomm have interfaced an ANPR (A Number plate recognition) camera to recognise the residents’ and anticipated guest vehicles. When a car approaches the gate, the camera will detect the number plate, and if recognised, will enable the main gate. When the owners’ cars are recognised, their individual garage door will also open, ready for them to pull in.

3) TV Lift Mechanism (Master Bedroom) - Typically a screen for the bedroom is revealed from an ottoman at the foot of the bed, however the client was not keen on a TV lift. We therefore had to explore other methods to present the screen that would meet with building regulations and not interfere with furniture already purchased for the room.

Smartcomm worked with a third party to create a bespoke lift that sits between the ceiling joists, that lowers by 600mm before rotating 90 degrees to face the Master Bed as well as missing the chandelier that was obstructing line of sight. Creating a bespoke lift and integrating full Crestron control allowed us to make precise measurements and adjustments to the lift when installing, so motion of the mechanism is smooth.

4) Wine Cellar - A wine cellar has been built deep in the ground below the home, with the initial plan to include no form of control.

We integrated Crestron control with the cellar, so that a simple button push on a Cameo lighting keypad turns on the cellar lights and raises a horizontal door in the floor, revealing a 12 foot vertical spiral stairwell leading to the extremely chilled wine collection beneath the house.


The client had an existing Crestron system in their London property. Having a client that understands technology and its functions/operations allowed for us to develop the system with the client using live demonstrations of the systems, and gave the opportunity for the client to provide feedback before the equipment was installed.

System Designer: Steven Worrell, Managing Director, Smartcomm
Project Value: £500,000
Project Duration: 24 Months

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