Leeds-based home technology specialists, Finite Solutions, were briefed to seamlessly create a high-end, comfortable, contemporary and dedicated cinema room. Despite initial challenges and concerns based around the security of location and sound proof surroundings of the luxury installation, the resulting cinema system certainly went far beyond the initial desires of the client.

“I am absolutely over the moon, I expected a great deal but Finite delivered what they said they would, on time.”

Having received the proposal, costing and a detailed explanation of the proposed system, award winning Finite Solutions were called upon to handle all elements of the installation.

The preliminary requests were to deliver a high level cinematic and entertainment experience, accessible to use by children but also protected from any damage or misuse. Detailed 3D renderings were produced to show the client a virtual first-person view of the finished installation. This provided an opportunity to review and adjust other features of the room such as a central aisle which formed a particularly pleasing addition.

The luxury home cinema installation was built separate from the main house, making a sound proof room imperative. The room was lined with a double thickness acoustically absorbent plaster board. All windows and unused doors were blocked and sealed to eliminate and vibrations, whilst silicone insulators were employed to prevent sound from the cinema escaping the room. Additionally, the existing house CCTV system was extended to include coverage of the external area around the cinema, available to view on the cinema screen to put the clients mind at ease.

A Kaleidescape Mini System was installed with enough memory to store the client’s impressive DVD collection, eliminating the need to return to the main house when a movie was required. A Denon DBP2010 Blue-Ray Player and Sky HD Box were then installed for optimum entertainment viewing. Triad Gold in-ceiling speakers, Artcourse Spitfire subwoofers and Gold Series in-wall speakers were used to maximise the clients viewing pleasure by creating a sound “sweet zone” which covered the two inner rows of seating across the aisle. A Rako system was used to provide four pre-programmed scenes of lighting, two dimmable and two switched circuits, controlled from both an in-wall panel and also via the Philips Pronto (9600) Controller of which the client found to be to be incredibly easy and intuitive for the children to use, prior to testing at one of Finite Solutions award winning showrooms.

Whilst it was important to achieve the practical needs of the luxury cinema installation, Finite Solution combined their notorious attention to detail and appointed an interior designer to specify and produce care to detail in all aspects of design, not only the general layout and interior design, but also the storage, cabling and access to the main equipment rack.

An example of this is the backlit feature panels, installed to break up the straight lines of the room as well as improve the acoustic performance of the room, absorbing any unwanted frequencies. Additionally, all equipment was housed in an extremely quiet Middle Atlantic rack system to the side of the projection screen.

The entire project took less than a month. The client was delighted; not only with the attentiveness of the design and project management team, but also the speed of the installation as a whole, resulting in Infinite Solution’s further commission by the client to design and install a games room as a testament of their satisfaction.