Redlight Installation has provided a luxury five-bedroom home in Virginia Water, Surrey with a Leviton based home control solution which provides lighting and HVAC control, security, networking and entertainment throughout the property.

With the client away in Mauritius, Redlight Installation worked with the architect and once the cost and specification was agreed, they were on site the next day to begin work on this large-scale residential property.

Due to the client only living in the property for a few months a year, the brief requested a system which is easy to use, allowing the housekeeper to prepare the home ahead of the client’s visits, and a security system which would allow the client to monitor the property while abroad.

To achieve this, Redlight Installation specified URC remote controls from AWE, the Leviton/ HAI Snaplink Mobile App on IOS devices and the in-wall omni 5.7e touch screens all from Aldous Systems. The control system consists of four URC MX5000 Wi-Fi remote controls programmed to operate any of the TV zones, lighting, heating and audio in the main home, while the iOS Apps and in-wall touch screens enabled greater control of thermostats, lighting, door entry and cameras. Pre-set scenes were programmed for different rooms in the property which included different settings for reading and watching TV in the master bedroom.

The system put in place enables the client to monitor many features of the system, including heating, cooling, audio, hot water, lighting, security and gates from his residences abroad and view the covert cameras and recordings. 

Redlight Installation’s aim was to provide an effective and efficient lighting system and for this reason, tested a range of different fittings before heading on site to find the most suitable Omnibus dimmer for the job.  The testing stage was extremely thorough as it would save time further down the line when commissioning the system. The team considered minimum load, number of fittings, total power, brightness, dimming curve, dimming quality and the room they would be installed in. They also tested the effectiveness of the chosen 12V DC lighting PIRs, and opted to connect these to the otherwise redundant Lumina board alarm zone connections. This meant that any automation could be triggered via movement and different events could occur depending on which time of day, week, month or year it was.

The Leviton system controlled six rooms of standard underfloor heating which includes twelve manifold zones, two zones of radiators in the basement and first-floor guest bedrooms and one zone of three-stage heating and cooling for the master bedroom. The thermostats were centrally located next to the boiler room and would be informed of the temperature via shielded cable with a Leviton plaster-over sensor at the room end.

Eight zones of Leviton multiroom audio were installed to cover the ground floor. These are fed with the sound from two Sky boxes, a DAB tuner, Sonos Connect and the sound from all four HDTVs that is back fed over dedicated line audio baluns. For audio reproduction, Speakercraft Profile in-ceiling speakers were installed.

The HD distribution was limited to a 4×4 HDMI over CAT6 matrix by Triax. Redlight Installation was able to fit the receivers in in-wall back boxes supplied by TDI. The family room’s 5.1 surround sound AV system is provided by an Integra AV receiver, and a Speakercraft speaker-level auto switcher to override the Integra when multi-room audio is played.

There is a Draytek Vigor ADSL router and a 48-port Netgear PoE semi-managed Ethernet switch. The PoE supplies four WAPs (Wireless Access Points) that are hidden above speakers, four Leviton Omni touchscreens and two 2N IP video door-entry stations. The non-PoE ports feed the TV LAN, LAN wall sockets, Sky boxes, Sonos, DVR and all of the head-end boards.

Redlight Installation completed the project in around fourteen weeks – a good time for such a big build. The client is delighted with the end result as the installer fulfilled the brief and delivered even more, providing a complete home control system that is intuitive and easy to use. Redlight Installation is supplying maintenance and on-going support for the foreseeable future.

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