Multi Award-Winning Sumptuous Apartments for the Luxury Rental Market

An exquisite, boutique development in affluent Mayfair has achieved a record five wins at the 2018 EMEA CEDIA Awards. The Next Level's exceptional project blew the judges away with its technical but stylish design and meticulous attention to detail.

The winning categories comprised: Best Multiple Dwelling Unit Design, Life Lived Best at Home, Technology Meets Design, Best Dressed Rack, and Best Documentation.

Mayfair House is situated in the historic Mount Street Enclave, surrounded by designer shops, five-star hotels, and exclusive restaurants. Its prestigious location also benefits from close proximity to London's West End. The project encompassed the retrofit of three apartments and one penthouse.

The brief demanded the creation of highly-desirable rental apartments, reflecting a luxurious, automated lifestyle, to appeal to an up-market, highly discerning clientele. To achieve this, The Next Level produced a design that worked on numerous levels. In short, the technology offers: effortless control for both tenants and the lettings agency; the highest level of security; advanced system resilience; and fits seamlessly within the stunning decor. 

The client's vision was to integrate as many systems as possible including: entertainment, lighting, climate control, shades, access, and security. This is made possible through the specification of a powerful Crestron 3-Series® control engine, at the core of the installation, which manages and integrates all the various technologies to enable simplified control. As an IP-based system, it offers secure, reliable interconnectivity allowing simultaneous, high-speed, real-time control of multiple programmes. The modular programming architecture provides enormous flexibility for tailoring the system to specific user requirements.

The interior of the building is exquisitely designed, with phenomenal attention to detail. It was important therefore for the technology to fit seamlessly into the decor and be as unobtrusive as possible. One of the ways this has been achieved is by consolidating control through a single Crestron touchscreen, located in each room, so there is no need for multiple remotes or wall switches.

The touchscreens' GUI has been programmed to reflect two sets of users, specifically, the residents and the lettings agency. The unit has been customised with simple icons to lead the user through all the controls; essential for regular changes in occupancy. For the estate agency, preset buttons create automated "day" and "night" scenes to assist with viewings. For example, each turns on music, televisions, lighting, and room temperature according to the time of day. Afterwards, a single button shuts down all the systems in the apartment; reducing energy consumption while it is unoccupied.

High-end AV capability is an essential component of a luxurious lifestyle, with easy access to a range of music and video sources in every available space. This has been enabled using a Crestron DigitalMedia matrix and Crestron SWAMPi Sonnex® multiroom audio system, capable of producing audiophile sound quality.

Each of the rooms, including the living areas, bedrooms, and en-suite bathrooms has a TV, ranging from a 55" Samsung Ultra HD/4K Smart TV to a 22" TileVision waterproof unit in the en-suite. The master bedrooms also feature a Sony UHD/ 4K projector mounted on a Future Automation lift, so it is invisible when not in use. Likewise, the dining room has a mirror TV, to enable it to blend in with the surroundings. Discreet B&W ceiling speakers fill the air with high performance sound. Even the roof garden, belonging to the penthouse, boasts B&W weatherproof speakers. Each of the residences has also been furnished with a media room containing a Sony 4K projector fixed on a drop-down lift, with a motorised screen and B&W surround sound system.

A specialist designer had been hired to produce a complex lighting scheme to highlight the stunning interiors.  The integrator worked closely with the lighting team to ensure operation was kept as simple as possible, without losing any of the designer's vision.  High, medium, low, and off lighting presets have been programmed, through a Crestron lighting control processor, which produce dynamic scenes at the touch of a button. Similarly, Lutron QS motorised blinds and curtains can be activated through the Crestron GUI to create the optimum shading.

To create the perfect year-round temperature, under-floor heating and air conditioning have been fitted throughout. Each of the HVAC systems is managed through a Trend Building Energy Management system, integrated with Crestron for centralised control.  

As Mayfair House sits in such a prestigious location, security is high on the agenda, so access to the shared main entrance, lifts, and individual dwellings, is controlled using a BPT video entry system. In addition, all the entry points are monitored by CCTV. The lifts have been integrated into the Crestron system so access, for guests or contractors, can only be gained via approval from an iPad or touch panel.

A crucial element of the hassle-free living is the highest level of system resilience. The profile of the clients means that that they are likely to travel frequently; leaving the apartments unoccupied. However, returning to find a power cut or faulty system would be unacceptable. Live system monitoring means that, in the event of any system failure, an alert is immediately sent to a Crestron touch panel, installed within the concierge's office, and the building management company; to facilitate a swift resolution. Similarly, if the intruder or fire alarms are activated, a notification will be sent to the relevant parties.

The vision behind this development project was to create some of the most desirable rental properties in London. The Next Level has played an integral role in delivering this goal by creating "smart homes" where the technology enhances the interiors, and which is incredibly easy to use. The high level of integration means the exacting residents can live a comfortable, secure, stress-free lifestyle.