Archimedia has recently renovated its showroom and offices in Dubai, creating a stunning space to showcase some incredible integrated home technologies to clients in the Middle East and beyond. The complete overhaul features some innovative home automation solutions which have never before been displayed in the region. Some of these additions include a Reference Auro3D 13.1 private cinema, a StarGlass screen projection system, a dedicated 4K room and more. The team is already wowing potential customers with this valuable ‘performance space’. 

Walking through the front door, visitors will first see a dedicated rack building space that is more reminiscent of a Swiss watchmaking facility than a traditional workshop. This has been designed to immediately convey to visitors the high levels of care and engineering integrity that go into every system installed by Archimedia. The remaining downstairs space is used to showcase more modest media room systems, and a dedicated and acoustically-treated room has been established for high-performance two-channel audio demonstrations. The flexible design means the entire space can be converted from a showroom to an event space for live music events, art exhibitions and special interest talks.

Upstairs, visitors are immersed in a truly exceptional home technology experience. As part of the Middle East’s first Auro3D showcase, a dedicated eight-seat private cinema has been installed with Bowers and Wilkins speakers, Datasat, Classe, Stewart Filmscreen, Digital Projection, Wisdom Audio subs, Prima Cinema, Savant and Kaleidesape technologies. It has been designed according to CEDIA and Auro3D recommended practices, and is ISF calibrated. 

Complementing the cinema is a more casual media room. A 4K Sony projector and 4K flat panel display have been installed in the room, alongside Bowers and Wilkins speakers (switchable between in-wall and in-ceiling), Integra electronics and URC control. The room enables customers to visualise how high-performance technologies can be integrated into any living space. 

Adjacent to the media room is an ultra-high-performance two-channel AV room. Video is delivered by a Digital Projection projector and Stewart Starglass rear projection screen. The audio emanates from a pair of Wisdom Audio L75i speakers complemented by a pair of Wisdom Audio subs, all installed behind acoustically-translucent fabric. This space demonstrates how top-quality systems can be compact, and integrated discretely into the architectural framework of the room.

The common area has a flat panel display that disappears into the wall on a Future Automation mechanism, complemented by in-wall Bowers and Wilkins speakers and subs. This area, the cinema, and two-channel AV room are all integrated into a Savant control system that looks after the AV, lighting, HVAC, telephony, intercom, energy monitoring and CCTV functionality.

Completing the upstairs experience is a dedicated meeting room equipped with video conferencing and unified communications systems, all integrated with a Crestron control system. The room has been designed to allow users to easily share content wirelessly and remotely collaborate with colleagues across a range of software platforms. This space is used for internal meetings, design reviews and customer consultations. It has storage space for designs and documentation which are used during meetings with prospective clients.