CEDIA has been working with the British Standards Institution to produce a British Standard Publicly Available Specification (PAS) for smart home wiring, entitled ‘Design and Installation of Telecommunications and Broadcast Infrastructure within the Home’. Having worked on turning the CEDIA Smart Home Recommended Wiring Guidelines into a British Standard, the CEDIA sponsored PAS is now open for public consultation.

This PAS gives recommendations for the design and installation of domestic wiring infrastructure for the delivery of digital services based upon the requirements of BS EN 50173 and BS EN 50174. It is suitable for use within single residential dwellings and most homes of multiple occupations.

This process gives home technology professionals and trade suppliers the opportunity to review the document and leave comments and recommendations.

This standard is a big step forward for the industry, so CEDIA requests that its members take part in the consultation process, to ensure the standard is produced to the highest standard possible. Comments must be submitted through the system before 1st December 2016.

To comment on the PAS, please visit drafts.bsigroup.com/Home/Details/59252

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