A home in the heart of Dubai that boasts impeccable interior design and lined with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the majestic Atlantis The Palm, deserved nothing less than a state-of-the-art home technology system to add to the finishing finesse of this property.

The homeowner was determined to create one of the most technologically advanced homes in the UAE, all whilst ensuring a sleek, discreet and secure system. The possibility of switching between ‘scenes’, be it day, night, movie-mode, party, or relaxing, was also important for this client.

CEDIA member, Archimedia was tasked with developing an easy to use, reliable and high performing home technology system that features integrated heating and cooling, clever lighting control, security and three media room.

The client was not keen to limit the technology to the inside of the home, as the property is set up for outdoor entertainment. A TV in the garden, visible from the pool and veranda, unparalleled audio, and a robust Wi-Fi network were top of the agenda.  

Archimedia worked closely with the interior designer throughout the project, from design concept through to completion to ensure the end result would be both technically precise against the client’s brief, whilst also blending seamlessly into the property itself.

A Savant control system was integrated with Lutron lighting control, and included a combination of switched, phase dimmed and DALI controlled circuits. Not only does this enable the homeowner to design and select his sought after lighting scenes, but the lighting was also programmed to adjust automatically depending on the time of day and the activity in the room.

A clever, automated HVAC system is controlled and monitored via a BACNet platform, whilst a Mobotix door entry system is installed alongside golf ball sized CCTV cameras for the ultimate, discreet security solution.  In each of the three media rooms, the technology is concealed in cabinetry and within the ceilings for an ‘on/off’ technological home.

Special attention was paid to maximising the audio quality throughout this project. This saw Archimedia plaster over all the speakers with a maximum 1.5mm plaster skim, install the optimum size of back boxes for in-ceiling speakers, and house the speakers in cabinetry filled with high density foam to minimise resonances.

Outside, fitted speakers are found along each side wall of the garden for maximum audio impact, whilst a custom metal box was built to house an outdoor, pop up TV lift, the lid of which is finished in a suitable cladding to match the wood work on the front of the villa. Not only can the screen play whichever movies or TV channels the homeowner requires, but is also able to display the picture from a PTZ high-power zoom CCTV camera which is positioned on the roof. This allows users to control the camera from any touch screen and view it on any display in the house.

Meanwhile, the beach-side villa needed a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network for the homeowner’s family and guests to use whilst on the beach. This was achieved by selecting a Ruckus wireless network which used a combination of indoor and outdoor access points to be configured as one seamless network for the family, and another separate SSD for guests.

As a finishing touch, Archimedia installed a ihiji monitoring system to enable the home technology experts to proactively and remotely service the system at any time during its first year of operation.

The family loves the system and its ease of use, with all of them seamlessly using it on a daily basis. The technology integration has genuinely enhanced the value of this amazing property by combining great aesthetic integration with high performance and great usability. Not only does the family love the system and its ease of use, by the CEDIA Awards judges from 2016 also fell in love with this property and awarded it the winner of the Best Integrated Home £100,000-250,000 category.

“The system that has been delivered has met my requirement for a fully integrated solution that allows me the ability to expand, change, and adapt as I go along” comments the homeowners. “The Savant 7.0 functionality of being able to create my own scenes to be triggered at certain times means that I don’t need to call the integrator each time I want a change something, which is terrific.”

Archimedia, Dubai, UAE