What's involved?


Committees are made up of CEDIA's dedicated volunteer members who meet regularly produce recommendations and activities for the Association.

The committee consists of a number of Home Technology Professional and Trade Supplier member volunteers, and at least one representative of the CEDIA staff who has ownership and oversight of that specific committee.

Each committee is tasked with discussing and making recommendations on CEDIA activities, based on industry feedback and/or knowledge which will be communicated back to the Board. The mission of the committee members is to assure a well-run organisation that is responsive to both the members and industry needs.

Current committee groups:

  • Membership
  • Marketing
  • Industry Relations
  • Education and Standards
  • Ethics


What are the benefits of volunteering time to CEDIA's committees?


  • Opportunity to compare notes with other CEDIA members regarding all facets of owning/operating a business in this industry.
  • Networking.
  • Sharing ideas can shape the direction CEDIA takes and the direction of our relatively young industry.
  • Gain more insight in to the Association and the industry.

Each volunteer holds their position for a period of one year. At the end of their tenure they may resign their position or remain on it for a further period of a year. The maximum length of time a volunteer can be involved in a committee is 3 consecutive terms (3 years).


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