Joint Industry Board (JIB)


The JIB is an impartial organisation that sets the standards for employment, welfare, grading and apprentice training in the electrical contracting industry. Their work is targeted at improving the industry, its status and productivity.

JIB membership comprises the UK's largest electrical contractors to the SMEs who make up the bulk of their members. Together, they benefit from a ‘one-stop-shop’ which takes care of employment matters, a comprehensive health and benefits scheme, and unique access to markets other contractors cannot reach.

In 2014, the Joint Industry Board approved the introduction of a new ECS Related Discipline card specifically for Home Technology Integrators and also accredited CEDIA as an ECS Health and Safety assessment centre. This ECS recognition helps residential custom installers gain access to construction sites as they will now be able to hold the industry required proof of identification, competence and qualification levels.

For more information on the JIB, visit www.jib.org.uk.


Registered Digital Institute (RDI)


CEDIA has a wide-ranging agreement with the Registered Digital Institute (RDI) which sees UK CEDIA Home Technology Professional members automatically become affiliate members of the RDI. Building on a relationship between the two bodies which started in October 2012, this partnership brings significant promotional and education advantages for the members of each organisation.

Through this partnership CEDIA members can access the full benefits that RDI membership brings. CEDIA HTP members join the RDI as ‘Home Technology’ professional affiliate members, and are listed on the RDI’s trade and consumer-facing websites, www.rdi-online.co.uk and www.getmedigital.com. Both RDI and CEDIA members are also able to access discounted online and classroom-based training offered by their respective organisations at discounted member rates. CEDIA and the RDI have also agreed to collaborate on the development and promotion of standards, enhanced training services for members, events and exhibitions and other activities.

The RDI was originally created in 2005 to help create members who are qualified, security checked, insured and safe digital TV installers as part of the Digital Switchover initiative. Today, it represents member companies active across a greater digital spectrum where traditional signal reception and electronic servicing skills form part of an increasingly broader picture, including, for example, energy provision, security and IP connectivity.

For more information on the RDI, visit www.rdi-online.co.uk.