CEDIA Education with Leslie Shiner

This June, CEDIA will be hosting two new events that are aimed at women in business and technology integrators who manage financial aspects of the job. Presented by respected industry expert, Leslie Shiner, on Wednesday 26th June at Google Academy, London, the day will focus on the strategies women can use to achieve success in the business world, and the fundamentals of company finance.

Thriving as a Woman in Business

Despite living in modern times, women still find themselves struggling for equality and respect in the workplace. Whether they’re are an entrepreneur, business owner, or an employee, it’s important to gain the respect of clients, co-workers, vendors, and associates. How confident are you about your knowledge and work? Do you focus on earning respect and acknowledgement for your work?

Join CEDIA for the “Thriving as a Woman in Business” talk and breakfast event, where Leslie will share how she created a business, built a reputation, and made a profit in a man’s world. This free session will take place before the Financial Workshop from 08:00 - 09:30. and will explore the mannerisms that prevent success and how to counter the Imposter Syndrome. While this presentation is geared toward women, men are also welcome to attend.

Financial Workshop

Taking place from 10:00 - 16:30, the Financial Workshop will explore the fundamentals of finance and help participants better understand and utilise basic financial concepts, especially those specific to the integration industry.

An integration company is a complex business, both in the actual completion of projects and running the financial aspect behind the installations. Understanding key financial data allows for better business decisions, generating higher profits, and managing appropriate funding allocations for specific parts of a project. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To understand your costs to help you determine what components of your business are and are not profitable,
  • To identify key construction accounting management terms and principles, such as revenue recognition methods, job costing and job cost analysis, progress billing, overhead and profit, and many more,
  • To discover how a breakeven analysis can help manage growth to move to the next stage, 
  • To determine all costs that should be included in a fully burdened labour rate so you can be sure that your billing rate covers all costs,
  • To establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) and create a meaningful dashboard specific to your company and the industry so you can focus on the most valuable metrics for improved profitability,
  • To correctly measure and track margins by profit centre, to make good business decisions,
  • To apply financial management understanding to decisions, projects, staffing, and more, 
  • To gain insight and useful tools to facilitate improved financial management within a contractor’s organisation immediately.

CEDIA will be running both events on Wednesday 26th June at Google Academy, London. The Thriving as a Woman in Business event is free to attend, while the Financial Workshop costs £249 + VAT for members and £319 + VAT for non-members. Register using discount code EARLYBIRD20 by 31st May to receive 20% off the ticket price.

To book your place, visit the booking pages here:

Thriving as a Woman in Business

Financial Workshop