CEDIA has recently published the ‘UK Health & Safety - Your Corporate Responsibility’ white paper, to help inform and educate employers and employees about the safe working practices on construction sites.

‘UK Health & Safety - Your Corporate Responsibility’ highlights how employers are legally obliged to protect themselves and their team at all times and ensure they are capable and competent to carry out their duties, whilst being able to provide proof to relevant authorities when requested. Employers are legally required to implement a Safe System of Work. Failure in doing so can result in the closure of business and even expensive legal battles in the event of an incident. As well as covering details from the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, the white paper explains exactly what is required in a Safe System of Work.

“The residential CI profession is one of many disciplines required on site during the various stages of a construction site,” comments CEDIA’s Operations Director, Matt Nimmons. “It’s important that installers understand the risks, and take the necessary to navigate these often hazardous environments as safely as possible. This white paper spells out the risks and the obligations for employers and their employees.”

The document also discusses the ECS occupational card scheme. CEDIA has recently formed an alliance with the ECS to create the ‘Home Technology Integrator’ ECS card. This is an ECS Related Discipline Card and entitles the holder to carry out unsupervised work on a building site. The white paper covers other useful resources, topics covered in CEDIA’s one-day Health & Safety Course and the importance of demonstrating the competence that owning an ECS card brings.

This new white paper is free to both members and non-members and is available for download