CEDIA has released its ‘Dimming LED Lamps’ white paper in Italian. Available for free to all CEDIA members in Italy, the document is the fifth in CEDIA’s series of white papers for its growing number of Italian members.  

La Regolazione Dimmer delle Lampade a LED’ aims to educate CEDIA members and industry professionals regarding benefits, performances, correct usage and limitations of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting. The paper discusses available lamp types and their characteristics (i.e., dimming range), and their different power sources: external or internal drivers, performance and LED dimmers.

The new document addresses the residential lighting applications and technical requirements needed to properly prepare wiring for LED fixtures. It also compares LED lighting to other technologies that are currently available in the market, with respect to compatibility with control systems, photometry, light quality, spectro-power distribution, expected life-span, special installation requirements, source impedances and line noise.

Readers will learn about the benefits of dimming LED Lighting including the return on investment (ROI), which includes greater efficiency, fewer hazards than CFLs, cost effectiveness and increased visual appeal. Additionally, the paper contains a list of potential questions the electronic system contactor (ESC) should discuss with a client prior to system design.

The white paper covers best practices in LED Lighting, including LED Lighting Fixture Control Architecture and a useful section on ‘Types of Controls and installation’.  This resource will help CEDIA members and industry professionals to improve their knowledge and ensure high standards in their installations.

“CEDIA’s series of white papers have already proved popular with our members in Italy so we are pleased to be able to introduce this new document” comments Simon Buddle, Education Director of CEDIA EMEA. “This white paper includes essential information for installers on dimming LED lights, demonstrating that dimming saves energy by reducing the light level and electric power consumption. The paper aims to explain this subject in depth, demonstrating the advantages of using LED lighting and the product range that’s available. This ensures our members are fully-informed and up-to-date when advising their customers.”

This latest white paper represents part of CEDIA’s commitment to sharing ideas and knowledge to encourage industry best practice resources. 

The 'La Regolazione Dimmer delle Lampade a LED’ white paper is available free of charge for CEDIA members or priced at £5.99 for non-members.