CEDIA has translated its Understanding 4K Technology white paper in Italian. Suitable for anyone working in the Italian residential custom installation industry, ‘Comprendere la Tecnologica 4k’ is available to download from the CEDIA website.  

Following the success of the latest CEDIA training event in Tuscany, the association is continuing to develop supporting resources in Italian and this new document provides useful information on 4K technology to home technology professionals.

With display resolutions, cables, discs and 3D technology being revamped and reworked, TV displays are becoming more detailed, lifelike and visually appealing. Ultra HD-4K technology makes use of higher pixel density, larger screens and the human eyes’ visual acuity to create a more detailed, in-depth image on display screens.  

Comprendere la Tecnologica 4k details what Ultra HD-4K technology is in greater detail, examines where the technology is heading and discuss what this means for CEDIA members. As well as the more general information, the white paper covers technical aspects including HDMI specification, signalling speed, Bandwidth, distribution and delivery platforms. 
This white paper continues to represent part of CEDIA’s commitment to sharing ideas and knowledge to encourage industry best practice resources.

‘Comprendere la Tecnologica 4k’ is available from the CEDIA education website and is free to CEDIA members. Non-members can still benefit from the education resource, purchasing it for £5.99. For a copy of the white paper, click here