Triad Speakers are turning the audio dream, into a reality!

With the home technology industry continually expanding, Triad Speakers showcased various immersive audio formats at ISE, and it's safe to say that they have clearly demonstrated that they are moving with the times. 

4K video is now becoming ever more present within the industry, therefore it only made sense for audio to match its visual other. From the featured gadgets on the stand, you can see the strides Triad are making in bringing 3D audio into reality, and in pushing the boundaries of audio in the market (which is pretty exciting!). 

Impressively, Traid’s Gold Monitor loudspeakers featured a variety of Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos content, and this was a show must see for attendees!

With an extensive demonstration already at ISE 2016 (they have an F1 racing car simulator!), Traid have had one of the most popular stands of the day, and they’re hoping this continues for the rest of the week.

To find out more, visit their stand at ISE 2016, 5-R100


Become a rack building master with CEDIA

Safe to say Nick Pidgeon course ‘Building The Perfect Rack’ was a hit at ISE 2016.

With a packed room, and many more interested in the course later this year at CEDIA EMEA HQ. Attendees were able to discover the fundamentals of rack building, and leave with the clear structural methods in mind to master the art of rack building.

With three more days still to go, and more than 20 courses available, book your place and get CEDIA certified in 2016.

Vist CEDIA's stand 1-F21 for more information.


Seeing the bigger picture

Taking high resolution image to the next level, Optoma’s 4K UHD projector has been a big hit with attendees at ISE 2016. Unlike other technologies, the single-chip DLP design avoids alignment issues to deliver extreme precision with no ghosting.

Delving more than eight million pixels to the screen with four million mirrors, each mirror is capable of switching over 9,000 times per second! Meaning that each unique pixel is able to provide the viewer with a full 4K UHD resolution experience. 

Up close, the pixels are near enough none existent, and this development is defiantly one to watch in the near future.

Don't believe us? Why not see for yourself at their stand, 1-M80.