CEDIA membership is continually increasing, with CEDIA currently having over a 3,700 strong global community of member companies worldwide that manufacture, design and integrate goods and services for the home technology industry.

CEDIA membership is not only designed to help your company become recognised within the industry; but also to provide you exclusive industry related training, literature, free and discounted tools, events as well as exclusive business-building opportunities.

Interested in finding out further information on CEDIA membership? Discover more from new member Sean Langton, from Kineticka.


What interested you in becoming a CEDIA member?


CEDIA is composed of talented engineers and problem solvers. I'm interested in working with CEDIA members to push the frontiers of custom home install.

In many fields there are outstanding works which are recognised as ground-breaking - art, architecture, mechanical or acoustic design all have their masterpieces. We became CEDIA members as we wanted to work with new technologies, leading Architects and CEDIA members to create some of these missing masterpieces of custom technological integration.


How have you found being a CEDIA member so far?


I haven't been a member for very long, but have been fortunate to work with colleagues under the CEDIA umbrella for many years.

I can see members have benefited most from 2 areas;

  • From the training and standards of the professional association
  • The opportunity to increase the spectrum and level of work they can provide to customers. By working with other specialists within CEDIA, new opportunities can open up. For example, adding the capability offering Lutron or Crestron systems after meeting the relevant CEDIA specialist


What member benefit are you most interested in utilising?


I feel the profile, "cool" factor and the real utility of custom install has been hidden by the internet of things, smart phones and smart TVs. Our industry is disappearing from the minds of the public. Check out the presence of custom install, home cinema, smart homes, or automation in the social media world. Its insignificant.

I'm hoping to work with CEDIA to extend the profile of custom install in order to shine a light on what an integrated home can be. To show the level and quality of futuristic technology available and how it can transform people’s homes. So the most useful benefit for me is to have the ear and support of CEDIA and its members.


Has becoming a CEDIA member benefited your company, and would you encourage other professionals in the industry to consider CEDIA membership?


"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed" William Gibson

Yes, join, take risks and disrupt the industry! CEDIA and the industry needs a new vision of what we are doing here. It's not just about adding the most glamorous high definition cinema to people’s homes. We are, or should be, at the forefront of technology in the home.

We have a chance to push the boundaries of people’s lifestyles, to advance what people can achieve and change how people live. We provide examples of what is possible.

Advanced media systems and automation may in the future be in every home but at the moment the crucible of this future is where we work; With Technology & technology integrators, Architects and their designs and most importantly the homes and dreams of our customers and patrons.

So let’s make sure we forge something very bright and very unexpected.

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