We’d be surprised if the numbers don't show CES 2016 as being the busiest yet. The queues all over Las Vegas certainly suggest it. So, while we’re resting our feet, here's what we’ve learned so far on day one of CES…

Wireless Networking

The networking hardware manufacturers are going all out to improve your Wi-Fi performance. Brands like Linksys were showing a number of MU-MIMO routers that can transmit and receive through a single antenna simultaneously to compatible client devices, effectively doubling throughput.

D-Link was showing 802.11AD wireless networking running at 60GHz carrier.  While this promises greater than Gigabit throughput, it’s only ever going to be a ‘same room’ solution due to the high signal degradation at such high carrier frequencies. Sadly, the stand staff couldn't confirm the licensing situation in other markets or the max power allowed so watch this space…

One other networking thing that tweaked our interest was WRT open source router firmware movement. This promises routers where users (or custom installers more likely) can customise the functionality. This might let CIs decide on specific menu options to offer on the router or to direct some traffic through a VPN, while other traffic continues through the normal WAN connection - http://www.dd-wrt.com

8K Video

Thought your were ahead of the game with a 4K TV? Think again…

8K TVs were present on a number of stands with performance from ‘wow’ to simply jaw dropping. The big advantage of 8K is the pixel density. On one 50-inch set we looked at you could put your face on the screen and still see no pixels. Impressive.

Moving 8K signals around is quite another challenge. So far only Panasonic were showing any kind of solution for this issue with a fibre and a copper cable connection in a single hybrid cable. It promised full, uncompressed 8K over 30M. It’s definitely something to watch.

Your Car Will Be Your New Best Friend

Just a few short years ago car manufacturers were completely absent at CES. Now they are making their presence felt across the exhibition.

The big news from the car world is integrated technology for the driver and passengers. All glass cockpits were in existence from a number of manufacturers and can be seen already in production in some cases (Audi’s new TT for example).

The VW Budd-e concept takes that to a whole new level though. In this case, the car becomes your social friend and does things like monitoring your comments (it hears you say ‘I’m cold’ when talking to a fellow occupant and asks if you want heating enabled on your section of the car). Yikes!

Look out for more tomorrow!