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Heather L. Sidorowicz

Heather L. Sidorowicz President of US integration firm Southtown Audio provides hints and tips on how to get involved in social media.

Why put forth any social media effort?

The world is changing; in fact, over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old, according to Socialnomics.com. Of Millennials, 96 percent have joined a social media platform. This is how they find places to shop, eat, and explore. Not being on social media is the equivalent of having a retail showroom without a sign. You would not have dreamed of starting a company 20 years ago without first having a phone line, right? Social media is today’s connection to the world and consumers around you.

The age of social media has changed the way we play the game. It took radio 34 years to reach 50 million users. TV took 13 years, the Internet took 4 years, the iPod 3 years and then along came Facebook who added 200 million users in less than a year (Socialnomics.com)!

Today in the US, Facebook tops Google for the most weekly traffic and in the UK, 50% of mobile internet traffic is from Facebook. Their fastest-growing segment this year is 55-65-year-olds.

Social Media Statistics

Now that I’ve got you convinced, where do you begin?


Like Clark Kent and Superman, you too can have another persona. Before you jump onto one of the sites below, think about who your audience is and who is speaking to them. If you are to open a Twitter account as your company, what would the personality be? Hint: The more human, the better.

You can post on Twitter daily and have no followers; same is true for other social sites. Interact, follow, retweet, comment and share to grow your networks. If you just installed a beautiful system using Paradigm speakers, tag Paradigm, and maybe they will share it on their pages, and this will help you grow.

There is nothing more boring than following a company page to have them share stark facts and statistics. Post ‘did you knows,’ and photos of the team being, well, human. It creates a connection with the company (you in essence) and that connection is what will have them calling when they are ready to buy. You are their friend in the business. Your company should take over that persona without forgetting to be human.

Once upon a time I started a Facebook page about my village encouraging people to shop local and sharing all the great events that happen here. That page
has now grown to over 7,500 without ever spending any funds. However, recently Facebook made changes to their platform dropping organic reach down to 2 percent for most pages, according to Ogilvy Social. If you want to break into the largest platform, you will have to put forth some capital. Otherwise, concentrate on the other networks.

One thing is for sure; social media is not going away anytime soon. You need to be where you customers are, and that is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.

Now get out there and get social!