CEDIA has confirmed that Maria Ingold, CEO of global tech consultancy, Mireality, will deliver a keynote presentation at the CEDIA Tech Forum on Wednesday 26th at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London.  

Keynote Speaker:
Maria Ingold, CEO of Mireality

Maria has a 23-year track record delivering solutions for interactive multimedia, games, TV and film, has spoken and been interviewed globally over 70 times on technology, and is a business coach and a film and TV judge for BAFTA. Voted one of the most influential people in UK New Television by VOD Professional and one of TechCityInsider's top 100 people redefining digital business in London and beyond in 2014, Maria heads a technical consultancy specialising in the secure delivery of premium film and television on demand. She has created end-to-end VOD solutions for some of the most successful on-demand movie services in Europe, including cable (Virgin Media) and broadband (Channel 4's Film4oD). 

Prior to Mireality, Maria was Head of Technology for FilmFlex, one of the most successful on-demand movie services in Europe. It aggregates and digitally distributes films from over thirty movie suppliers, including all the studios and large UK independents. It reaches 3.8 million homes, with over 1 million rentals per month.

Maria’s keynote presentation, entitled, Home Technology (HoT):  A Connected, Smart, Sustainable Future for Living – At Home and Away will explore how communications, audio, video, smart home, efficient energy and wearable tech are all combining to provide advancements in home technology, and also to life, with the ultimate goal of creating homes that people can take with them wherever their heart goes.  

The keynote forms part of the CEDIA Tech Forum, a format which combines education and the annual AGM. Entry to the keynote is free for members, while the cost is £40 for non-members. For those wishing to attend the full event, the prices are as follows: £50 for members and £100 for non-members. The AGM is only applicable to CEDIA members. Tickets can be purchased online here