What do you picture when you think about a media room? Muted walls that camouflage a spectacular set up of audio speakers around the room and in the ceiling? Maybe even a vast screen displaying the latest movies, or a high definition projector that streams this content? For one homeowner in Vadodhra, India, this picture perfect media room was made a reality by home technology professional, Sound Sense and was named Best Media Room under £15,000 in the prestigious CEDIA Awards 2016. 

Sound Sense was tasked with creating a media room like no other. Incorporating the latest home technology for a full entertainment system, this media room would include a discreet audio set up, a bespoke lighting solution, a giant screen and high quality projector. 

Adding to the brief, this family home required a media room solution that could be used at any time of the day or night, and could be enjoyed from three viewing points – the media room itself, the adjacent bar area and from the outdoor pool area. 

This media room was to derive from an open-plan family room where over a quarter of the walls were floor to ceiling glass panels. This large open space led from the seating area of the family room to the bar and walk-out area for the swimming pool outside. Not only did this cause major challenges where sunlight, room acoustics and audio and visual calibration were concerned, but this project was also to be completed within a £7,000 budget. 

The audio visual technology, most importantly the speaker set up, was to be completely discrete, whilst the automated lighting solution, which would eventually be provided, needed to be easy enough for a child to use.

The first step that Sound Sense took was to revert the room back to a blank canvas. The glass walls were lined with robust yet discreet drapers to acoustically insulate the room and to provide an answer to the lighting concerns. Whilst heavy materials were necessary for this room, the subtle colours provided an ideal solution for the interior design of the room, as well as overcoming potential technological challenges.

Next, Sound Sense installed a Liberty Grandview 110" fixed screen and Panasonic PTAR-100 projector. The settings of this projector were carefully adjusted to the maximum foot lambert, perfecting the luminance of the screen against the viewing distance, to achieve the desired lighting condition for crystal clear viewing even in broad daylight. With Definitive Technology’s in-ceiling speakers hidden out of sight, the client was pleased with this discrete set up. 

As an ISF and HAA certified consultant, Sound Sense was able to offer video and audio calibration to provide a unique viewing and listening experience. 

As a result, this media room takes pride of place within this family home. Sound Sense has used innovative and creative thinking to overcome potential technological and aesthetic barriers to create a media room the client has described as “surreal”.