Living was asked to provide the latest in home technology whilst retaining the period features in this 4 storey listed property which was built in the 1760s as part of the historic Portland Estate. This produced a series of challenges for Living’s design team.

The technology needed to be simple to use as the owner wanted to rent the property out to prospective clients. This gave Living the first challenge of working with the architect and interior designers to pre-empt the tenants room layouts and design a cable infrastructure that would give the option to set the system up to their specific needs. The second challenge was the listed nature of the building which meant that certain walls and ceilings could not be touched to allow the integrated solutions.

During the design stages, Living needed to liaise with the team of specialist project consultants to determine the level of system integration required. This initially included the requirement for Lighting Control, Heating Controls, Data/Telephony and a Multiroom Audio/Video solution. Once the full extent of the controls was determined, this lead to the addition of Air Conditioning, BMS Plant Room Controls with Fault Reporting and links to the Fire Alarm and Gas Safety Shut Off System. Extras were also added during the renovation for Window Openers, Fire Place Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarm and Door Entry system. All of these systems needed to be fully integrated for ease of use and to conform to the building and safety regulations that had been imposed by the town planning authority.

The design team at Living set about to hand pick specific equipment to make sure that all of the technology required had a minimal impact on the period features of the property and to ensure that a complete solution was provided for the landlord and any prospective tenants.

The next challenge comprised a complex climate system within the property which was designed with of mix of a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning, Gas Fires, Central Heating, Electric Towel Rails, Wet and Electric Underfloor heating and Trench Heaters. The controls needed a program to be written from the ground up to optimise each of the systems, management of energy solution to ensure that the heating and cooling systems would not fight against each other. With the incorporation of passive cooling via the opening of specific windows, this truly needed some thought. The solution was achieved by using the C-Bus system to full effect, using discreet thimble temperature sensors to monitor the ambient temperature in each room, coupled with some clever two way interfaces. Living managed to create a simple and effective interface for the user along with minimal impact to each of the rooms.

The lighting controls around the property are operated by the Clipsal C-Bus DLT Style keypads. These allow for the control of lighting scenes, window control and fireplace control and offer a full back lit LED display for the easy identification of each circuit.

The rest of the systems are fully controlled by Living’s tried and tested iPad template which integrates all of the required controls for the whole of the property into a simple to use interface, ensuring that controls are easy to locate and operate.

Further adding to the challenge was ensuring that integration of the high level of Multiroom AV system could be achieved within the listed building restrictions. After working with the architect and planners, the only real solution was to use Amina’s evolution series speakers as these would be unseen in each area. It was decided that the Drawing Room and Dining Room would benefit from a more traditional setup using floor standing speakers which can be selected by the tenant and added as required.

The overall effect is a cohesive, simple to use system, controlling everything from the opening of windows to security, AV and lighting. Living’s designers have, once again, managed to find the right mix of technology and controls to complement the traditional features of this classical, period property.

Since the project has been completed, a new tenant has moved into the property and has already started to expand the system by adding TV’s and additional sources.

Equipment List
Clipsal C-Bus Lighting and BMS controls
Clipsal C-Bus bespoke heating controls
Coolmaster Module for connection to Mitsubishi Electric VRV system
Middle Atlantic 42U Racking System
18 x Amina Evolution Series Speakers and Rack Mounted APU’s
B&W M1 Book Shelf Speakers
RTI – XP8 Processor
5 x iPad Mini Remote Controls with Living iPad Template
RTI – AD8 Multiroom Audio Amplifier
Elan 8.6 AV Multiroon AV Matrix
Wyrestorm 4x4 Pro Matrix and Balun Sets
Draytek Router and Wireless Access Points
Draytek POE 24 Way Switch
BPT Vandal Proof Door Entry System
Texecom Grade 3 Intruder Alarm System
Samsung CCTV Cameras and DVR
Geze Window Openers and Ventana 8 Controls
Various TV’s supplied by landlord.
Sky HD x 5
Arab Sat
Apple TV
Yamaha BluRay Player for Multiroom Access