1. CEDIA will only accept complete applications. Your company’s current operations will determine which category of membership you can apply for.

2. Completion of an application and submission of information is not a guarantee of membership. Each application is subject to approval.

3. Applications will not be processed until all forms and references have been received. Inclusion on relevant CEDIA websites will only be actioned once the application is approved and payment received in full.

4. Applicants whose application is rejected will be so advised and may appeal such rejection to the Board of Directors as provided by the Association’s Bylaws. Failure to adhere to the CEDIA member requirements could result in your membership being terminated without warning.

5. Membership is renewed annually in January. A full years’ fee is payable upon joining and the subsequent year of membership renewed at the pro-rated amount. The membership dues are payable for each company and all employees of your company would be considered CEDIA members.

6. Member discounts will only apply once application has been approved and paid. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

7. You may use the CEDIA logo for as long as you are a full active member. At such a time that your membership becomes inactive or terminated, you must cease and desist from using the logo and remove it from all stationery, business cards, livery, advertising, websites, etc. This includes the CEDIA Founder member logo

8. Please note that all companies will be subject to VAT as the service originates in the UK, in accordance with HM Revenue & Customs Notice 741 – Place and Supply of Service. This excludes companies outside the
UK, located within Europe; on the provision that a valid VAT registration number is provided.

9. Applications and payments should be forwarded to: MEMBERSHIP, Unit 2, Phoenix Park, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8EP, UK.

10. By submitting this application for membership of CEDIA the applicant consents to receive all solicitations from CEDIA and its authorised licensees, via telemarketing, or electronic mail and/or fax.

11. By signing the application, all applicants agree to abide by CEDIA’s Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

12. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.


For further information on CEDIA membership please contact membership@cedia.co.uk or phone (0)1480 213744.