CEDIA has given its backing to British Standard (BS) 8590:2014, a new British code of practice for the installation of audio visual (AV) equipment.


This British Standard gives recommendations for the installation of AV systems and equipment at site survey, design, installation and commissioning stages, with important information on health and safety best practice. It applies to installations including a significant AV component, such as, but not limited to, computers, projectors, whiteboards, large format displays, monitors, loudspeakers (both wall and ceiling mounted) and light arrays.


“Having provided representation on the committee behind this new guidance, we are pleased to welcome the publication of BS 8590,” comments CEDIA’s Executive Director, Wendy Griffiths. “It sets a minimum quality benchmark for UK installers, and as a British Standard, will give greater recognition to AV installations, helping to raise the profile of our industry in front of property developers, architects and other specifiers.”


Effective from January 2014, BS 8590 was prepared by the BSI’s Technical Committee EPL/100, Audio, video and multimedia. BS 8590 does not give recommendations for the training of installation technicians, nor does it cover the specification of individual components and their performance as an installed system.


Wendy adds, “Building on this work, CEDIA is also contributing to the development of a standard relating to LV Power Distribution and a framework standard for Connectivity and Smart Systems Integration in Non-domestic Buildings. My thanks to CEDIA’s Education Committee, and in particular Guy Singleton from CEDIA member Imagine This for their hard work and the progress being made in these areas.”


To download a copy of BS 8590, please visit http://shop.bsigroup.com.