CEDIA has announced the release of a new industry white paper, Troubleshooting for the Home Technology Professional.

Troubleshooting is defined as the use of a logical, systematic process to efficiently and accurately diagnose and repair electronic system failures. Custom installation projects require a lot of forward planning and careful execution, however, some problems cannot be avoided and will crop up regardless.

The new white paper has been created to provide installers with the knowledge and strategy to combat common problems. It guides home technology professionals through the five steps to troubleshooting: Analyse, Diagnose, Repair, Verify and prevent, and explores different examples of how to recover the five most common problems with home electronic systems. The document clarifies the first actions to take in repairing hardware, software and the original design of the system. It addresses the ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ of Troubleshooting, including: Do ‘Check all equipment to identify if any software/firmware updates are necessary’ and Don’t ‘Make changes to the system midway through the signal path’.

The white paper also covers basic HDMI troubleshooting guidelines and identifies the problem and offers a solution. CEDIA is also currently working on updating its current HDMI whitepaper to include HDMI 2.0, which was released in September last year.

The white paper is available to download for free to CEDIA members and priced at £5.99 to non-members, click here.