Turning their small loft into a cinema room in a small loft turned out to be a stellar project for a Sheffield couple, thanks to ET Home Cinema.

“After a visit to our showroom, the clients had a good idea of the desired finished result for their home cinema. They particularly liked the various colour changing LEDs and Starscape Ceiling Fibre Optics they had seen in our showroom. Our design team created a 3D visual which the client was ecstatic with.” says Colin, MD of ET Home Cinema.

Whilst the sky was not the limit for the cost of the installation, ET Home Cinema was nevertheless able to provide a sophisticated level of sound and vision thanks to the rest of the high-tech installation, including the ThemesceneHD33 1080p projector, Sapphire 1.8 m Tab-Tension Screen, Onkyo 809 ( THX ) AV Amplifier and Monitor Audio 5.1 Speaker System

“ET Home Cinema focused on delivering a great system for us at a sensible price,” confirm the homeowners, who were existing clients of this South-Yorkshire based Audio and Visualists company.  ET Home Cinema had previously installed a Wyrestorm HD TV distribution system and Sonos music system in their home.  “The end product is a fabulous home cinema experience and added a real ‘wow’ factor to our home.”

The team overcame the challenge of both the loft room’s tight space and low ceilings by creating a false boarded ceiling, which also provided a recess for the colour changing LEDs.

The Starscape Fibre Optics consisted of four different thickness and lengths connecting to one light source at the back of the room. With the ceiling now consisting of panels that can easily be removed, changing a lamp in the future is a simple exercise. Also by locating the light source at the rear of the room, any noise is not audible from the seating positions. No detail has been overlooked to enhance the desired effect; various thicknesses of fibre optics were even installed to produce a more natural starry sky.

A box section was built under the fixed screen for the Monitor Audio in-wall speakers and again had a recess underneath for the LED lights. The rear speakers are also Monitor Audio in-wall.

Operation of this home cinema is via a Control 4 Processor and iPad. At a touch of a button from the iPad , the lights dim, the projector switches on and Apps on the iPad allow the homeowner to select Sky or any other viewing choice. A Control 4 App, and a driver from Extra Vegetables, also operate the Sonos ZP90 music system. The standard 3 button light switch at the entrance is also linked in with the Control 4 system, and can be programmed for a wide range of options as the clients enter or leave the room.

All AV equipment is housed, out of sight, in a rack unit at the rear of the cinema room. A media plate is in place near the front of the room, and is cabled back to the main rack which is in an adjoining room and allows for integration, such as a Wii or XBox, where a sensor bar can be placed at the front of the screen.

ET Home Cinema installations are calibrated using THX recommendations: including THX calibration discs, Sound calibration equipment and Audio Tools software, as well as the Onkyo’s Audyssey Calibration System.

This installation is a perfect case study for how to to create an immersive cinema experience in a narrow and awkward space and how important lighting can be to create that all-important star quality.

Equipment List

Audio + Video

ThemesceneHD33 1080p projector
Sapphire 1.8 m Tab-Tension Screen
Onkyo 809 ( THX ) AV Amplifier
Monitor Audio 5.1 Speaker System
Draytek Ap800 Access Point
Sky HD Box
Samsung 3D Blu Ray player
Apple TV Media Player
16u Rack Unit with shelving, power and ventilation

Lighting Control

Starscape RGB led strip lighting
Starscape Fibre Optics 10metre,7.5m,5m,2.5m to one light source
Control4 Din Rail Lighting
4 Button Light Switch linked to Din Rail System


Control4 HC300 processor
Control4 SR250 Remote Control
Control4 Ipad App

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