CEDIA membership has been growing steadily in Region 1 (UK, Europe, Russia and the CIS, Africa, Pakistan, India and the Middle East) for the last year, with the 500th member joining in August. With membership in Italy, France and Spain gaining momentum, CEDIA is showing its commitment to new and existing members by developing resources in their native language.

The popular Recommended Wiring Guidelines document, which provides clarity on the types of cabling infrastructure necessary to support the technology typically required for the modern home, has been translated and is now available in French and Italian - still free of charge as with the English version. CEDIA is currently working on a Spanish version which will be free to download from the website shortly.

CEDIA has also recently released two white papers for the Italian residential custom installation industry entitled ‘Network Recommended Practices: Network Security’ and ‘HDMI Installation Best Practices’.

The Network Security Best Practices white paper provides a wealth of important information for installers, covering authentication, wireless security protocols, wireless standards and techniques for the design and implementation of wireless solutions in the home based on the IEEE 802.11x and 802.3 standards. The document also examines network security from three perspectives: 'Securing the router from the WAN (Internet) attack', 'Securing any wireless networks' and 'securing the LAN and individual devices'.

HDMI Installation Best Practices white paper covers best practices in HDMI distribution, including topics such as how to pull HDMI cables and basic HDMI tests. The paper also provides an overview of common interoperability issues. This resource will help CEDIA members and industry professionals execute HDMI installations properly from the outset in order to achieve the best results.

As these resources are receiving positive feedback from members in Italy, CEDIA will also be translating both documents into French and Spanish.

All of these documents are available from the CEDIA education website which can be located in the resources section at www.cediaeducation.com/resources/whitepapers.