This home cinema is the centrepiece of a sophisticated whole-home custom installation which has earned T&T Automation, a CEDIA member with offices in the UK as well as in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, the Level V Bronze Technical Design award for Home Theater in CEDIA’s 2013 Electronic Lifestyles® Awards competition.

The client for this project was tech-savvy, experienced with home automation, and requested a full HD, 3D-ready home cinema with high audio and video performance and all of the latest technologies.

A dedicated space had been prepared in the basement which called on T&T Automation to consider acoustical challenges and how to overcome them. They also had to consider how they could provide an immersive experience while keeping the interior styling of the room faithful to the rest of the property.

Control is provided by a Crestron system which encompasses lighting, HVAC, access to the door entry and intercom, security and CCTV systems for the remainder of the house, and, of course, the entertainment system itself. Users can also control the D-Box-enabled loveseats. A wall-mounted touch panel provides full control of the entire residence, while a hand-held remote provides convenient control of local features.

The room itself is constructed of concrete, so a room-within-a-room was created and is isolated from the concrete construction. Custom-fabricated acoustic panelling was used to treat the sound within the room.

Audio performance is provided by the use of Crestron’s Procise series and sound processing and amplification, assuring clean power delivery to the B&W CT series speakers, including four subs.

Video projection is delivered by a Titan 1080p 3D Ultra projector along with eeColor advanced video processing to provide great contrast and vibrant colour, while preserving natural skin tones. The video path is all digital and allows for different processing on the 3D and 2D signal paths. Sources available in the spacer include Kaleidescape, 3D Blu-ray, cable receivers, satellite receivers, computer and game consoles.

The main challenge regarding the room itself was the fact it had been cast in concrete when it was built some years before, so little could be done to change the original shape. The client also had clear views on the number of seating positions he wanted to accommodate and was clear in his desire that the interior finish remained in keeping with the rest of the property.

Ultimately, some compromises were made in terms of optimum seating positions. Time was taken to educate the client regarding the differences between the seating positions.

The cinema was calibrated for both optimum audio and video performance using Crestron’s Pro tuning tools for the audio and Sencore equipment for the video. Both were calibrated by ISF, THX, and HAA accredited T&T Automation staff. For starters, basic video calibration tasks were completed, including colour, contrast, brightness, tint and sharpness.

A deeper degree of calibration was conducted to set highs and lows of the greyscale and the colour temperature. Minor adjustments were made to skew, keystone, image size, and overscan blanking for correct presentation on the screen.

All in all, it’s a seamlessly crafted solution that demonstrates attention to detail and technical excellence whilst delivering an immersive experience for the client. Bravo T&T Automation!