Smart Audio, June Install of the MonthThessaloniki based installer and CEDIA member, Smart Audio, has achieved a home technology lover’s paradise along the picturesque Greece coast line. The entire property has been integrated with a Crestron system, monitoring and controlling the 1,650 square metre building which now boasts four media and cinema rooms. 

The total custom install for this property which spanned over three independent buildings including a main residence, caretaker’s house and parking enclosure, started  three years ago and, finished with a final bill of just over 500,000 Euros.

The project brief was focused around fitting the residence with four media rooms, state-of-the-art lighting, climate controls, including floor heating and cooling, and a fully comprehensive security and door entry communication system. 

Inclusively controlled by Crestron, Smart Audio installed 16 multiroom SONNEX systems that distribute powerful and high quality audio across all areas of the property. All features are managed by three ADMS G2 servers with an external 16TB raid system for movie and music storage.  In total 20 touch panels were installed throughout the residence (13x TPMC4SMD, 2xTSW750, 1xTSW550, 1xTSW1050 3xTPMC3).    

As one of three cinemas located inside the property, the main internal cinema room has a 103’ Panasonic plasma TV with B&W speakers and a 7.1 sound processor. Complete with red velvet chairs, the private and secluded cinema room allows all viewers to become immersed in the story unravelling before them in supreme comfort. 

Smart Audio, June Install of the MonthCreating a more relaxed, multi-functional, open viewing experience, the everyday living room features a custom 55inch glass TV with Waterfall audio speakers and 5.1 sound processor. Thirdly, the indoor gym is fitted with a 5.1 BOSE system and a custom made rail system that moves the TV and the centre speaker horizontally. This enables the user to position the TV in front of them no matter what exercise equipment they are using. 

As well as the high tech equipment installed throughout, the project features excellent attention to detail. High power plugs, network plugs and temperature sensors covers were all custom painted to match the colour of the C2NI keypads. In total, 66 C2NI switches were installed throughout, offering extensive control capability for the users with visually appealing aesthetics to match. The easy manageable system allows all residents and guests to control the properties audio visual and integration from i-pad's and android devices.

Smart Audio, June Install of the MonthShifting focus to the exterior of the building, Smart Audio designed and created the highlight feature for this project, a twenty-seat outside cinema located near the property’s swimming pool. So as not to distract from the external landscape, a custom made, pop-up mechanism manoeuvred and disguised a 4200x2800mm cinema screen. Made in partnership with Unitech Systems, Smart Audio’s innovative design highlights the company’s contemporary approach and understanding of the 21st century modern residence - for whom discretion is everything. 

Together with the front speakers, the screen is fully concealed under the garden for maximum discreetness and all-weather protection when not in use. Similarly, the Christie HD10K projector is hidden via a false ceiling of the internal library room. When required, the projector elegantly slides out of the exterior wall providing feature-rich standards no matter the weather. QSC speakers and amplifiers together with DENON 7.1 sound processor provides the highest quality surround-sound amongst the vast openness of the external surroundings.  

The external cinema installation creates a unique experience that is completed by a raised seating area designed with a subtle curve for maximum viewing opportunity. As the feature attraction of the residence, the outdoor cinema provides a great way to enjoy your favourite films to live sporting events in a novel, social arena for the summer months. 



Kit list

Master indoor cinema equipment list

• Panaconic TH-103VX200 TV        
• Denon AVR Amplifier        
• AVR DBP2012UD Blu-ray       
• B&W SIGNATURE 8 NT L/C/R Speakers    
• B&W CWM7.4 SL/R Speakers
• B&W CWM7.4 SL/R Speakers        
• B&W CWM7.4 BL/R Speakers        
• Waterfall Audio HF.2 Subwoofer
• Crestron MC3 Controller        
• Crestron TPMC-3X Wireless Remote    
• Crestron TPMC4-SMD Wired Remote     
Total cost: 90.000  euros

Outdoor cinema equipment list

• Unitech Systems / Smart Audio Custom Made Pop Up Screen Mechanism        
• Unitech Systems / Smart Audio Custom Made Pop Up Speakers Mechanism        
• Christie HD-10K Projector                
• Unitech Systems Custom Made Projector Sliding Lift            
• QSC Audio AD-S82 L/R Speakers                
• QSC Audio2xAD-S82 Center Speaker                
• Community W2-218B/L SPEAKER                 
• Community W2-218 B/R SPEAKER                
• QSC Audio 2xAD-S28T Subwoofer
• QSC Audio 3x GX3Amplifiers                                
• Denon 4311 AVR        
• Denon DBP2012UD BLU-RAY                
• Crestron MC3 Controler                
• Crestron TPMC-3X Wireless Remote    
Total cost: 105.000  euros