Established in 2009, Smart Cube provides state-of-the-art smart building and home automation solutions in Saudi Arabia. The custom installer’s impressive new ‘experience centre’, located in Riyadh, is equipped with the latest smart building technologies, and was a finalist in the 2014 CEDIA Awards for Best Showroom. The experience centre helps customers get a feel for the technology that they could have in their homes and offices, and how it can be integrated seamlessly into living environments.  

Smart Cube’s showroom was designed with high architecture standards firmly in mind. This has been achieved by including a combination of technology – both hidden and on show – and natural antiques. Smart Cube budgeted around 190,000 USD for the project, and already, the business has witnessed a 350% increase in both its residential and commercial-sector sales since the installation of the showroom.

The 200 sq. ft experience centre is split into five demonstration rooms giving customers the chance to experience a fully automated home. These areas include a living room, audio room, home cinema, meeting space and hotel room. The installation is designed to inspire prospective clients, and highlights how AV, lighting, HVAC, security and blind control can enhance a property – and benefit a homeowner’s lifestyle or business’s capabilities. 

Eng. Haitham S. Alhamdan, Managing Director at Smart Cube explains why their showroom is so important to the business: “We kitted out the centre with the latest technologies, top quality furniture, interior designs and architectural features, and opened the space in October 2014 - just over a year after the project began. 

The quality of the products and materials in the showroom, and impeccable attention to detail, represent our commitment to delivering a top-quality, professional service.”

The living room demonstrates a variety of automation systems in action including TV control and a 5.1 surround sound system, fireplace, lighting, HVAC, curtains, and a motion sensor which is activated when someone enters the room.

The audio room illustrates how a control system can take complete control of every space in the showroom, including audio distribution. It is designed to showcase the high-end speakers and amplifiers.

The home theatre room includes a 9.1 Krix surround system, ILDA JVC 4K Projector, elite chairs and acoustical panels for the ultimate cinema experience. The room is sound-proofed and makes use of one-touch room activation.

The meeting room includes a Polycom Video Conference system, Stewart Motorized screen, Somfy curtains, in-wall wireless audio receiver, and one-touch meeting start technology for the perfect business space.

Finally, the hotel room demonstrates AV, HVAC, IP telephony and curtain control, Wireless Yale Lock technology, lighting controls which can set different moods, and an on-screen housekeeping request button for a super-slick guest experience.

Smart Cube admits that its initial designs for the showroom included only around 20% of what has finally been installed. Ideas evolved and new devices were added according to new agreements with leading manufacturers in the field. The company had factored in the possibility for future expansion, making provision for extra wiring.