India-based custom installer and CEDIA member, Sound Decisions has installed a state-of-the-art cinema room into a family home in Mumbai. The new home cinema strikes a fine balance between performance, application and luxury and is used as a gathering space for the whole family.

Based outside the city and up in the mountains, the property measures over 75000 sq feet. The brief for this project was to create a home cinema room which replicates the public cinema experience.   

The entire family enjoy watching films, so they requested a large screen which would be on par with a Cineplex. At the same time, the homeowners wanted the room to be luxurious and provide a personal experience which can only be achieved in the comfort of their own home. This is the place where the entire family would like to sit together and spend quality family time on weekends. 

With the family being very religious and requiring a lot of peace and tranquillity, Sound Decisions designed the room to be at the far end of the home, eliminating disruption for those family members who are not using the cinema room. The installer acoustically treated and sound proofed the room to support this. 

One of the main challenges in this room was an “inverted supporting beam” in the front of the room just under the screen. Sound Decisions had to smartly work on the LOS (Line of sights) for each row to make sure that they achieved clear sight lines for all seats. To do this, the installer lowered the main floor (ground zero) below the “inverted beam” hence providing more room to increase each row stepper heights which in turn would achieve perfect sight lines. 

As the client wanted this room to be a “family bonding” experience, Sound Decisions had to make sure that the experience they get in this room would make them asking for more. The Digital Projection projector with the anamorphic lens was a great option to provide the client with a true cinematic 2.35:1 format experience, giving him room filling image which was large enough, yet proportionate to the given distance from the seats. A large SI acoustically transparent 3D screen was installed in the room to provide a great viewing experience.

Since all the JBL speakers and other AV equipment are completed away from sight and all hidden behind the acoustic screen and the side wall panelling, the focus of the person sitting in the room is only towards the screen and the image on it and this makes the complete experience extremely enhancing to say the least. 

The client was more than happy as the room exceeded his expectations. He had never imagined that one could recreate the magic of a professional cinema in the comfort of his own home, only much better in video and audio quality. 


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Equipment List
JBL synthesis front LCR speakers     
JBL synthesis rear and side surrounds
JBL 18” subwoofers        
JBL 7 channel power amplifier           
JBL 2 channel power amplifier    
JBL equalisers and crossover network     
JBL synthesis AV processor          
Oppo Blue ray 3D DVD player            
Dune media reader cum DVD player          
TATA sky set top box           
UFO satellite based movie server         
Digital Projection 3D projector      
Panamorph anamorphic lens            
SI acoustically transparent 3D screen       
Crestron Automation