The queues are still raging as the third day of CES 2016 draws to a close. For our final day at the show we spent time at 'Tech West', that includes the Sands Expo centre and Venetian hotel.

Tech West was bulging with smart home and personal technology. It's an interesting choice to put these two areas together and as you moved across the show floor, the 'flow' from personal and health related stands to smart home and control exhibits made a lot of sense.

So, what caught our eye on the final day?


Smart Home Demos

It was nice to see a number of 'whole house' demonstrations. Lowes and La Poste were great examples of how to show the benefits of a smart home, not just the features. A big handclap to both companies for their efforts.


Measure And Monitor Everything About You

Health monitoring on the move and in the home was huge this year. Hundreds of small personal sensors for things like heart rate, weight and BMI, blood pressure and blood sugars were on display. Some of these are being integrated in other devices like smartwatches and phones, while others are stand-alone.

Cloud technology is the core method of communication for most of the new health tech we witnessed. More great opportunities for custom integrators installing home networks beckon. It also means a huge raft of data being stored...

Speaking to a Qualcomm representative they are looking seriously at what to do with all this new medical data. Research, profiling and feedback mechanisms are all potential uses. There are privacy concerns however with cloud and based medical data, but this is an issue being addressed at the very core of the development stages.


Smart Kitchen

Common thinking says the best parties are always in the kitchen. Well smart technologies are certainly making their way there too! Whirlpool has some fascinating things on show, including projected displays onto worktops and splash backs. They were even showing a washer / dryer combo that donates to charity every time you wash your clothes...



There are an unfathomable number of smart home control protocols out there and the number is growing almost every day. ZigBee, one of the popular RF systems, announced a big update at the show. There were previously a number of ZigBee types, each for a different application. ZigBee 3.0 now promosies a common protocol across all applications. To top off the news, ZigBee added that 3.0 backwards compatible with all legacy ZigBee kit.

Also on the control front we got the first hold of the $499 Savant one room remote. First impressions are of a remote that is very nice in the hand, has a great display and offers integration with Sonos, Apple TV and other services.

The budget / DIY end of home automation also saw other cool product introductions. iDevices (we love their BBQ temp sensor and app already...) showed some interesting and simple iPhone controlled light switches and lamp holders. No news yet on European versions.


Signing Off

So that's a wrap for CES 2016 from CEDIA EMEA. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage. We're now taking our sore feet home to get them good and ready for ISE next month...

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