Buckinghamshire-based residential installer, The Next Level has recently installed a whole home automation system into six exceptional residences overlooking Harrods in the heart of Knightsbridge.

The Lansbury is built in striking red sandstone from Locharbriggs in Scotland ensuring the prestigious building’s roots are grounded in skilled British workmanship and tradition. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows deliver inspiring London views from the apartment’s interiors, whilst creating a light, dynamic and highly personal living experience. The finish is one of luxurious elegance.

Each apartment has been installed with the latest Crestron home automation system and is linked to the nearby Capital Hotel for the convenience of residents and guests. The ultimate goal was simplicity and ease of use, so each apartment is controllable room-by-room using touch screens and remote controls. The design concept ensured all complications and unnecessary controls were removed, leaving behind a clean touch panel design with intuitive and easy to understand settings. This was a particularly appealing feature for prospective international clients.

Through intelligent design and programming it was possible to reduce many services down to 4 presets: high, medium, low and off with deeper control provided by a sub-page if required. This concept was applied to heating, cooling, lighting and audio levels throughout, then further customised to the homeowners individual requirements.

The Lansbury provides all residents with the ultimate in control - with the touch of a button, you can set everything you want in each room, customised to your personal preferences, including climate, lighting, blinds, video entry, intercom, concierge facilities, movies, music and CCTV. The apartments reflect the specific requirements of each resident, making the owner feel relaxed as soon as they set foot through the door.

Specific modes were programmed for each apartment, features such as Hibernation Mode which shuts down core components and conserves energy when the system is not in use, giving it a positive energy-saving advantage.

An impressive feature is the Welcome Home mode which can be triggered locally or remotely from a touch panel or smart device bringing the system out of hibernation and setting a comfortable temperature and preferred lighting settings throughout the property, ready for the home owner’s arrival.

The carefully designed and implemented infrastructure means that the upgrade potential for the end client is endless, with the possibility of Kaleidescape and other media services being offered across the board.

Samsung Smart TVs have been installed throughout the property. The screens incorporate state-of-the-art voice, motion and face recognition control to create a dynamic viewer experience. This technology allows homeowners to turn the TV on and off, change channels, access apps and navigate the web, without any need for a button press. Equipment has been carefully selected to blend seamlessly with the décor or, where appropriate, a 'hidden' solution has been implemented.  As an example, a Future Automation TV lift in the master bedroom enables the screen to disappear when out of use.

The stunning apartments reflect the ultimate in luxury smart-home living, where everything is customised to the owners’ preference and is accessible via the simple touch of a button, allowing the user total control.

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