CEDIA has launched its Manufacturer and Distributor Finder Service on its website, developed to raise the profile and promote the business of its Trade Supplier members.

This speedy search function is a huge benefit for CEDIA trade supplier members, as their company profile and contact details will be listed on the CEDIA trade website. Installers visiting the page can identify relevant CEDIA Trade Supplier members nearby by filtering country, postcode or by simply entering key words, such as brand or product. 

“For us to grow as an association and industry, it is important for CEDIA to continue expanding our membership offerings for Trade Supplier, Home Technology Professionals and Professional Services Members alike,” explains Wendy Griffiths, Executive Director of CEDIA EMEA. “The Manufacturer and Distributor Finder Service is a great tool – especially for new HTP members who are looking to join CEDIA and require references in order to complete the application. A quick search will reveal a host of suppliers who are already members and can be contacted for a referral.”

In order to qualify for CEDIA Trade Supplier membership, both manufacturing and distributing businesses need to prove a minimum of six months training history and should provide three references from Home Technology Professionals, one of which must already be a CEDIA member.

More information is available on the website on becoming a Trade Supplier member. Visit the Manufacturer and Distributor Finder Service.