Education remains at the forefront of CEDIA’s commitment to the custom install industry. Professionals, new or familiar, to the world of home automation can benefit from a plethora of CEDIA led training sessions, furthering the skills, knowledge and certifications required to boost companies and individuals ahead of the competition. 

For 2015, CEDIA introduced a host of new education courses including its Designer School, Lighting Foundation Course, extended two day Home Cinema Design Workshop and Rack Building and Wiring Fundamentals. This means that now more than ever, installers, electricians, and custom install professionals alike can find a CEDIA training session to suit their every need. Adding to this, earlier this year, CEDIA also announced its plans to secure multiple training centres across the country, making it as easy and convenient as possible for members and non-members to attend these vital education courses.

Why wait - what can you become an expert in this month?


Designer School
20th – 24th April: Designer School - 5 days, CEDIA HQ, St Neots
20th April: Customer Relations and Needs Analysis - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
21st April: Design Process and Documentation - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
22nd April: The Principles of Project Management - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St Neots
23rd April: Sub Systems Design and Integration - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
24th April: Review and ESD1 Designer Exam - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots

Home Cinema Design
21st April: Home Cinema Design Package - 2 days, AWE, Epsom, Surrey
21st April: Home Cinema for Designers - 1 day, AWE, Epsom, Surrey
22nd April: Home Cinema Design Workshop - 1 day, AWE, Epsom, Surrey

Lighting Design 
19th – 20th May: Lighting Design Package - 2 days, AWE, Epsom, Surrey
19th May: Introduction to Lighting Fundamentals - 1 day, AWE, Epsom, Surrey
20th May: Residential Lighting Control – 1 day, AWE, Epsom, Surrey

Other Courses
8th April: CEDIA Structured Cabling Assessor - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
9th April: Introduction to Smart Home Wiring - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
28th April: CEDIA Certified Presenter - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
6th May: Introduction to Smart Home Technology -1 day, Armour, Wigan, Greater Manchester
7th May: Residential Networking - 1 day, Wigan, Greater Manchester
19th May: CEDIA Outreach Instructor – 1 day, Warsaw, Poland.
26th - 28th May: CEDIA Technician EST1 Bootcamp – 3 days, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
26th May: Cables and Connectivity Workshop – 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
27th May: Documentation & Site Skills – 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
28th May: Health & Safety Course – 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
29th May: Rack Building and Wiring Fundamentals - 1 day, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots

When booking onto its training, CEDIA prompts its members to take advantage of its Education Voucher Scheme and ECS Home Technology Integrator cards. 

As part of CEDIA’s commitment to educating the custom install industry in a costly and achievable manner, in 2014 it launched its Education Voucher Scheme and introduced its new ECS Related Discipline card, specifically for Home Technology Integrators. This ECS card helps residential custom installers gain access to construction sites as they are able to hold the industry required proof of identification, competence and qualification levels. 

Installers must have passed CEDIA’s one-day Health and Safety Assessment course and hold a valid CEDIA EST2 certification to be entitled to its ECS Home Technology Integrator card. To support this training course, CEDIA developed a new ‘Health & Safety Guidelines – Your Corporate Responsibility’, document which is free to members and non-members.

For more information or to book onto CEDIA’s training sessions, please visit www.cediaeducation.com