With just two weeks to go until ISE, CEDIA provides key information for some of its must-attend training sessions. Visitors to ISE 2016 have access to more than 30 high quality training sessions. With courses focusing on a range of technology and business topics, and an impressive line-up of international presenters, now is the time to plan your CEDIA education for the show.


SPECIAL OFFER - CEDIA members can redeem their Education Vouchers against 4 x 90 minute sessions, or 2 x half day sessions. Contact Aneta Armova-Levin alevin@cedia.co.uk for more information.


Monday 8th February

9:30 – 17:00 - Sub Systems Design and Integration

Presenter: Simon Buddle

This Sub Systems Design and Integration course will take an in-depth look at all of the sub systems that make up a typical CI project. Understanding each system’s components, communications and demarcation points will enable attendees to design, install and program jobs successfully to practical completion.


9:30 – 17:00 - Residential Lighting Control

Presenter: Guy Singleton

The hands-on session will have a strong emphasis on regulation and safety, including BS7671 and Part L compliance. Attendees will also learn about energy consumption and other ecological considerations. Other related issues such as bathroom fans, emergency lighting, blinds, awnings and weather stations will also be discussed. Attendees will discover common pitfalls and establish best practice in all areas. The afternoon will also include a practical session where the different types of dimming are examined.


Tuesday 9th February

11:30 – 13:00 - So You Need to Interface with BMS?

Presenter: Dave Robinson

This course will explain what systems are typically covered by a BMS, and why there is a requirement for a dedicated specialist system, with its special HVAC functions and algorithms. It will cover the importance of energy management, and how the BMS can help with this. The session will touch on typical interfacing techniques, and look at some of the complications and pitfalls of dealing with contractors who may be more familiar with systems in commercial buildings.


14:00 – 17:00 - Wireless Networking

Presenter: Geoff Meads

This one day course goes back to basics to understand the fundamental technology behind wireless and RF (Radio Frequency) transmission as a physical layer in the OSI model. The course compares wireless to other physical layer types and explores the behaviours of RF considering data speed, frequency and coverage.


Wednesday 10th February

9:30 – 11:00 - The Importance of Remote Management

Presenter: Justin Martin-Lawrence

This course will explore the requirements and options for remote management of IP. Our ability to support and maintain security, control and media delivery in the connected home through remote network-based systems, port forwarding routes and VPNs, relies on the bandwidth available from service providers. Increasingly this is insufficient for proper diagnosis and resolution. Furthermore, the slow migration to IPV6 by ISPs has led to the introduction of CGN (Carrier Grade NAT)/NAT444, which “breaks” the whole concept of inbound port forwarding and VPNs. We need a better answer.


14:00 – 15:30 - Cash is King

Presenter: Jon Peterman

Attendees will learn simple yet effective techniques to improve their business finances. Best practice for cash-flow management will be discussed along with practical examples. This course will look at the impact of cash flow strategies and tactics within a business and spend time looking at areas for review when rating where your own business stands today.


Thursday 11th February

14:00 – 15:30 - Securing Your Customer’s Network

Presenter: Ken Erdman

This seminar will discuss the privacy and security risks, and then suggest some simple ways that both wired and wireless networks can be secured. Ken will also discuss how best to implement a backup strategy. Though some previous networking knowledge is preferable, this course is suitable for anyone who needs to sell, install and manage wired and wireless networks.


16:00 – 17:30 - Wire, Wireless and Fibre – Understanding Bandwidth

Presenter: Simon Buddle and Geoff Meads

In this course, we'll start by looking at binary data. We'll then use simple bandwidth calculations to understand how much bandwidth each system needs, and compare those bandwidth requirements with the capacities available from common carriers. Students will leave with a clear understanding of data, bandwidth and capacity. They will also be able to assess and apply bandwidth figures to real-world situations.

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